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#643 solj anonymous fixed Error/warn on xml dupes

Currently it is possible for duplicate - but different and conflicting - duplicates to exist in most (any?) config file.

e.g. Pkgmgr/distro.xml

<Package name='kernel'>

<Instance version='2.6.19' release='1.el5' arch='i686' />

</Package> <Package name='kernel'>

<Instance version='2.6.18' release='53.el5' arch='i686' verify_flags='nomtime' /> <Instance version='2.6.18' release='92.el5' arch='i686' verify_flags='nomtime'/>


The validator does not catch this, and one of the two sets of package instances is chosen by bcfg2. The first one last time I checked, but this might be random.

#646 solj lueningh fixed SSHbase should be alias aware

Right now I need to include three copies of all of my ssh keys in sshbase, as my machines have three network interfaces on them and I want all of them to show up in my global known_hosts file. I should only need to add one and have bcfg generate the other entries off of aliases listed in the clients file.

#647 solj solj fixed Add support for probed groups to bcfg2-admin query

It would be nice to be able to also query groups based on the probe results in probed.xml.

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