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#1144 desai Alexanderyt <[email protected]…> fixed The typo in example of POSIXUser Tag

---cut here--

Must be </POSIXUser>

#1143 desai fixed Cfg in maint allows you to use non-dots to concatenate the basename and the Group name.

I was looking at this line in the 'maint' branch, and I believe it doesn't properly escape the '.', so you could use any character.

I realized we were using '-' in a couple places, so this behavior is verified. While I don't really expect this to be fixed in maint, it is a kind of undocumented behavior that others might not realize they are relying on.

I looked at the 'master' branch and it uses better regex so it might not be a problem (although does this line have the properly escaped '.'? There's only one slash, instead of the two used in the Host part the line above. I'm not terribly familiar with Python regexes).

#1142 desai fixed Wrong detect multiple default groups

# bcfg2-lint

ERROR: Multiple default groups defined:
     line 2: <Group profile="true" public="true" default="true" name="basic"/>
     line 5: <Group profile="true" public="true" default="false" name=""/>
1 errors

Actually "default" attributes isn't identical.

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