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#434 desai jacques fixed Build mode not working. services still restarted.

When I use the -B option, the services are still started/restarted in 0.9.3pre6. I am pretty sure it comes from bcfg2 rather that apt-get/dpkg (debian) since I see /etc/init.d/??? calls in the -d output but in any case, it does break my systemimager setup.

The work around that I am using (it could be reused if the problem comes from dpkg) is to create a fake /usr/sbin/invoke-rc.d and /sbin/start-stop-daemon with dpkg-divert'ing all the modifications to a renamed version. This way no process are restarted and no filesystem ends up un-umountable.

That is obviously a plugin specific issue, but I also think that the bcfg2 should apply the package policy there, that is, not to call /etc/init.d directly but through the invoke-rc.d hook. One does not know what kind of magic may be plugged in that file on some systems and bcfg2-client can be pretty close to apt-get/dpkg in terms of end effects on the os. Feel free to disagree, but still...


#435 desai anonymous fixed bcfg2 clumsy fingers friendly?

Hi (again),

That would be great if bcfg2 was a bit more picky about its option line. When a clumsy guy like me type that: bcfg2 -v -d -q - n

it does run and modifies the system. I know this is my fault, but that would be great to get a bit of help still..



#436 desai lueningh fixed Interactive mode feature request

When run in interactive mode, the client should give a 'd' option to ConfigFile? items that shows a diff between the installed file and the to-be-installed file. It should then, of course, ask again what to do with the file.

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