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#440 desai [email protected] fixed bashism in init script

in debian/bcfg2.init, there is a line:

[ "$BCFG2_ENABLED" == "0" -o "$BCFG2_INIT" == 0 ] && exit 0

this should be:

[ "$BCFG2_ENABLED" = "0" -o "$BCFG2_INIT" = 0 ] && exit 0

Looking forward to using bcfg2 now :-)

#441 desai [email protected] fixed bcfg2-admin --help doesn't mention all capabilities

The output of the bcfg2-admin --help command does not include any mention of the -C or -R options, or the tidy or compare functions, even though all are accepted:

bcfg2-admin [options]
fingerprint - print the server certificate fingerprint
init        - initialize the bcfg2 repository( this is interactive; only run once )
pull <client> <entry type> <entry name> - mine statistics for entry information
minestruct  <client> - mine statistics for extra entries
viz         [--includehosts] [--includebundles] [--includekey] [-o output.png] [--raw]
client      add name=  profile=  uuid=  password=  secure=  location=

The manual page for bcfg2-admin is similarly incomplete, and it refers to bcfg2-server in the DESCRIPTION and SYNOPSIS sections.

#442 desai [email protected] fixed Client resolution should be case-insensitive

Through no fault of our own, our FQDNs are in the format "foo.WSG.McGill?.CA". If I specify "" (lowercase), bcfg2-server does not recognize the requesting host with the following error:

Failed to download probes from bcfg2
Client metadata resolution error for xx.xx.xx.xx

Since domain names are case-insensitive, the server should ignore the case when matching the hosts to the clients list.

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