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#454 desai [email protected] fixed tools/bcfg2-cron script error

There's an extra closing curly-brace in the bcfg2-cron script invoked by the debian cron setup which prevents bcfg2 from running. One-liner patch follows:

--- bcfg2-0.9.4-orig/tools/bcfg2-cron   2006-09-05 07:57:21.000000000 -0700
+++ bcfg2-0.9.4/tools/bcfg2-cron        2007-06-29 12:04:36.000000000 -0700
@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@
   # Invoke bcfg2 if enabled
   if [ ${BCFG2_ENABLED} -eq 1 ]; then
#455 desai dclark fixed Get rid of non-automatic toolset detection code/doc

Now that we have automatic package type detection, is there any reference to still have the XML toolset= even exist, or indeed any code referencing this at all? I would think that you could make "toolset=" be an optional element in the config that is just silently ignored by everything else.

Also the toolsets are still mentioned in some of the doc, and bcfg2-admin creates an example file that references specific toolsets.

#456 desai dclark fixed Server-side probe logging

It would be *really* useful if the output of Probes could be kept in server-side state somewhere; either spewed to the bcfg2-server verbose logs (or perhaps add another level of verbosity that would just include the entire client log output), or included in the new dynamic reports.

I have a preference towards bcfg2-server log spewing as a first step, as this is functionality that would be really useful when first setting up bcfg2 at a site, and there may be a lag between getting bcfg2-server up and getting the new reports working.

I have a large number of different platforms to work with - like at least 20 (I'm not kidding) - and this would save me from having a whole lot of ssh sessions open when debugging Bcfg2 Probes.

This would also have increased utility when the proposed daemon mode is written - I have the equivalent now via ostiary (a simple daemon that kicks off arbitrary preset commands based on a simple secure hash), so am probably running into this need before other people.

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