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#184 desai [email protected] fixed tool that generates directory structure for a given hostname

I will need/create a tool or modify bcfg2-info,bcfg2 that accepts the following options:

  • hostname
  • target directory

It will generate the whole directory struture for the given hostname (not the same hostname the tool is running on) into the target directory.

Any ideas/tips how to realize this (so it gets imported to the bcfg2 repository:-)?

#659 desai somekool <[email protected]…> fixed the prune option in a directory should work for reporting as well

at the moment, using the prune attributes in a directory tag such as ...

<Directory name="/etc" prune="true" />

... only cause all unmanaged files to be deleted on my system when running the client.

i would expect it to create extra-configfile items in the reporting databases when running the client with -n or -I


#50 desai bradshaw fixed the new initscript client options don't work

here is the problem, and this seems to be a problem for a long time now. the combining of options doesn't work.

bcfg2 -qv != bcfg2 -q -v

so at the top of the initscript it has BCFG2_OPTIONS="-nq"

but that actually doesn't seem to work properly.

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