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#1134 desai fixed Wrong permissions on intermediary directories leading to a file

Seen on bcfg2-1.3.0pre[12]:

If a <Path/> entry defines a file in a directory path that does not exist yet, bcfg2 creates the directory path leading to the file, but with inadequate permissions. For instance, for: <Path name="/foo/bar/baz"/> directories /foo and /foo/bar will be created with owner:permissions root:root:0644. On some systems I've seen directories created with permissions 0744 which makes me think this may be related to umask inheritance.

This is similar, but not quite the same, as ticket 1125

#1133 invalid bcfg2 server hangs on SSHbase

When bcfg2 generates the ssh_known_hosts file it appears the SSHbase plugin hangs for about 5 minutes when it encounters hostnames that do not resolve. Once I remove all of the files in the SHbase/ folder, bcfg2 has no problems building configs.

The logs when running the server with -v have a lot of:

Failed to find IP address for <hostname>

Then after those it has a number of:

Ignoring key for unknown host <hostname>

#1132 desai fixed DebInit Stops Running Services With Mode Default

DebInit? currently stops running services where the status is set to off in default mode. This impairs you from using bcfg2 to manage services that are managed by pacemaker or manually started for other reasons on a host. The documentation indicates that there is a mode "supervised" for services and implies this is not default. This patch only stops services that are set to supervised mode.

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