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#924 desai worksforme syslog to rsyslog push error

The following shows a run of bcfg2 on the client end. The bcfg2 config stops syslog, turns it off in chkconfig, then installs rsyslog, turns it on in chkconfig, and starts it up. This all happens, except bcfg2 never completes until I have to send a break to it when it hangs up after rsyslog starts. At the point in which I have to break it reports everything is clean. I'm not sure what is causing this, the output of a run I have to break is pasted below, it looks like bcfg2 never receives a proper complete signal from somewhere. This is a centos 5.5 kernel 2.6.18-194.8.1.el5 machine with rsyslog-3.22.1-3.el5 and bcfg2-1.0.1-1 making calls to a bcfg2-server-1.0.1-1

#519 desai bradshaw fixed symlink fix in Interactive mode

currently the config file stuff is awesome with the diff. I was wondering if we could extend that functionality to things like directories/symlinks. currently this is what I get prompted with

Install SymLink?: /home? (y/N):

it doesn't say what it currently is or what it will become, so I can't make a good decision.

#1 desai desai fixed switch to lxml

Switch to lxml for a few reasons:

  • Speed
  • Schema Validation
  • XPath support
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