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#718 desai David Strauss <[email protected]…> fixed bcfg2 should use the Packages/config.xml as the basis for configuring /etc/yum.repos.d/*

Currently, usage of the Packages plugin requires redundant repository configuration for (1) within bcfg2's Packages/config.xml and (2) for the main Apt/Yum? repository configuration.

#719 desai David Strauss <[email protected]…> worksforme Yum support in the Packages plugin should call Yum to calculate dependencies

Currently, the Yum support assumes the upstream repositories are all native Yum. This is not true for the Red Hat Network, which uses its own XMLRPC server. If the Packages plugin uses Yum's own "yum deplist", then it can be compatible with any Yum back-end.

#720 desai David Strauss <[email protected]…> fixed Yum package data caching output is confusing

Currently, the Packages plugin reports the server-side date for the repomd.xml versus the date bcfg2 downloaded it. Either bcfg2 should log the server-side date as the time of the last update, or the output should clarify that the local bcfg2 time is the last download time, not the last server upload time.

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