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10:55 Ticket #4 (FAM event coalescing) closed by desai
fixed: Implemented and tested as of 0.7.3pre6
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12:54 Milestone Bcfg2 0.7.3 Release (LISA) completed
* Improved Documentation * Minimize prerequisites * Make XML comments …


23:00 Ticket #5 (Fix package verification false positive) closed by desai
fixed: Fixed on 0.7.3pre4
23:00 Ticket #5 (Fix package verification false positive) created by desai
Fix case where packages are listed in the configuration multiple times …
22:56 Ticket #3 (XML Comments) closed by desai
fixed: Fixed in 0.7.3pre4
22:55 Ticket #2 (remove sss support) closed by desai
fixed: All sss code is removed as of 0.7.3pre3
22:53 Ticket #4 (FAM event coalescing) created by desai
implement proper fam event coalescing so that single second file …
22:52 Ticket #3 (XML Comments) created by desai
Make sure that xml comments work properly in all places.
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