11:21 Ticket #45 (default install is "dangerous") created by [email protected]
Currently the default bcfg2 client install "does things" by default, which …


16:06 Ticket #44 (traceback with a python warning during package install) created by bradshaw
The wierd thing is that the package is installed and verifies just fine. …


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16:36 Ticket #43 (Incorrect entries: 286; All entries correct.) created by [email protected]
tar tcpd tcpdump tcsh telnet time ubuntu-keyring ubuntu-minimal …


10:33 Ticket #42 (I problem with probes? this is in the latest pre) created by bradshaw
Unknown failure Traceback (most recent call last): File …


16:28 Ticket #41 (BCFG2 on Solaris) created by [email protected]
As of BCFG2 0.8.1, here are observed bugs and problems from our Solaris …
12:40 Ticket #40 (Path to bcfg2.conf file hardcoded in various places) created by [email protected]
The path to the bcfg2.conf file is hardcoded to /etc/bcfg2.conf in the …


11:04 Ticket #39 (debian toolset issue) closed by desai
fixed: Fixed in revision [d4959f35afba47e1b92f02f00f77b1186aafbacf] (SVN r1815).
10:51 Ticket #39 (debian toolset issue) created by [email protected]
Problem with the latest svn checkout 1814 on my debian GNU linux …
10:30 Ticket #35 (Client Traceback) closed by desai
fixed: This is fixed in [b6e39a35b883e23992086c8086dbcdc8746484dd] (SVN r1814). I …
10:29 Ticket #38 (Client traceback) closed by desai
fixed: I added a grep to remove those broken lines. This is fixed in …
10:22 Ticket #37 (Making directories) closed by desai
fixed: This should be fixed as of revision …
10:16 Ticket #7 (Growing memory usage) closed by desai
fixed: An upgrade to lxml-0.9 appears to have fixed this problem, except in the …


09:21 Ticket #38 (Client traceback) created by [email protected]
My 0.8.0 client did this to me today (on sles9, but I suspect it could …


12:58 Ticket #37 (Making directories) created by [email protected]
It seems that currently bcfg doesn't create directories as I think it …


13:44 Ticket #34 (Client traceback) closed by desai
fixed: Fixed in revision [bd12f736a1ec1258c38e958935915e3cb1709646] (SVN r1809)


20:07 Ticket #36 (web page: bunch of broken links in presentation page) closed by desai
fixed: I fixed 3-4 links. Everything should work now.
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18:59 Ticket #36 (web page: bunch of broken links in presentation page) created by anonymous
ftp://ftp.mcs.anl.gov/pub/bcg/papers/login-reports.pdf is broken: 550 …
14:12 Ticket #35 (Client Traceback) created by leggett


10:46 Ticket #20 (extra info in the reports) closed by hagedorn
fixed: I committed a fix for this. Both the summary report and the normal digest …


08:57 Ticket #34 (Client traceback) created by [email protected]
When the 0.8.1 client is started without a config file on the machine: …
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