16:45 Ticket #86 (removing rpms) created by bradshaw
so I will start by saying Suse is garbage, but I have to use it. Now on to …


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10:31 Ticket #83 (rpmbuild fails) created by bradshaw
nstall: cannot create regular file …


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16:48 Ticket #82 (0.8.2 final badly broken) closed by desai
fixed: I think this is poor error handing, and will work it out tomorrow with Ti.
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Added IRC Channel to Documentation Section (diff)
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Initial version of IRC channel page
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spell check (diff)


08:38 Ticket #82 (0.8.2 final badly broken) created by leggett
I get hundreds of these in the server log: Jul 23 08:34:19 www …
08:36 Ticket #81 (init script broken in 0.8.2 final) created by leggett
The bcfg2-server init script is broken for RHEL in 0.8.2 final. It worked …


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15:10 Ticket #80 (Traceback) closed by desai
fixed: This was fixed in [8b6165750d99fef457b5c55364cdd9398230b09f] (SVN r1971) …
15:03 Ticket #80 (Traceback) created by leggett
Failure in VerifyEntry? Traceback (most recent call last): File …
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11:54 Ticket #79 (Traceback) closed by desai
fixed: I am pretty sure this is fixed in …
09:57 Ticket #79 (Traceback) created by leggett
Failure in VerifyEntry? Traceback (most recent call last): File …


12:32 Ticket #76 (Permissions not checked) closed by desai
worksforme: I couldn't replicate this, using: […] As the test case (against …
11:44 Ticket #76 (Permissions not checked) created by anonymous
It appears that if nothging else is dirty in the bundle, permissions won't …


18:02 Ticket #74 (encap supported platforms - user reports) created by dclark
This ticket is for users of the …
16:01 Ticket #73 (Move encap code out from Solaris.py to non-os-specific location) created by dclark
There is code to use the epkg package manager / [http://www.encap.org
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