21:18 Ticket #122 (Debian repository for sarge not working correctly) created by Patrick Ruckstuhl <[email protected]…>
When I try to install bcfg2 on a sarge system with the apt repo from mcs, …
21:00 Ticket #121 (:info as filename a bad idea) created by Patrick Ruckstuhl <[email protected]…>
I often work on a windows computer to write my configuration. That's a …
07:52 Ticket #118 (SummarizeStats manpage vs StatReports) closed by desai
fixed: Fixed in r2231
03:18 Ticket #118 (SummarizeStats manpage vs StatReports) created by [email protected]
If I see this correctly, the manpage for SummarizeStats? is actually the …


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21:47 Ticket #111 (Add more editor temporary file blindspots) created by desai
We already have a few blindspots for some editor temp files, but are …
21:30 Ticket #91 (Quickstart doc issues/suggestions - part 1) closed by desai
fixed: I think that I have gotten all of these issues resolved in the QuickStart?. …
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(hopefully) final HOWTO for 0.8.3 release (diff)
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(hopefully) final INSTALL for 0.8.3 release


09:58 Ticket #21 (Integrate GenerateHostInfo functionality into Bcfg2.Server.Metadata) closed by desai
wontfix: This will be dealt with in the new reporting system
09:57 Ticket #41 (BCFG2 on Solaris) closed by desai
fixed: I think that we are now good on all solaris issues. The 0.8.3 release will …


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10:05 Ticket #100 (Traceback in 0.8.2) closed by desai
fixed: This is cleanly fixed by revision …
09:23 Ticket #100 (Traceback in 0.8.2) created by leggett
Inventorying system... Failure in VerifyEntry? Traceback (most recent call …


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14:33 Ticket #66 (APT cache cleaning should be optional) closed by desai
fixed: I think this is resolved in [31b12d4b59c8aebd1d7ec410383e8cf202efedb5]
14:19 Ticket #59 (Server failure in absence of ssl key) closed by desai
fixed: Resolved in [e14a503bbab0421ff3cc1fbeedf50ce99317d1e9] (SVN r2087)
14:05 Ticket #95 (StatReports: transformpath hardcoded) closed by desai
fixed: Resolved in [0116c890c13934f272a198927f736e641c7b343d] (SVN r2086)
13:35 Ticket #96 (StatReports: bcfg2.conf hardcoded) closed by desai
fixed: Resolved in [056236b06f0fa05400bfc88b6aa7370955bc7fc7] (SVN r2085)
13:19 Ticket #94 (bcfg2-server doesn't respect -C option) closed by desai
fixed: Resolved in [44261731d59240dedacfa691e7fe52ca4d65a533] (SVN r2084)
13:00 Ticket #98 (clients.xml: pingable undocumented) closed by desai
fixed: Handled on irc
12:43 Ticket #97 (bcfg2-repo-validate: bcfg2.conf hard coded) closed by desai
fixed: Resolved in [764100713792f761091870a17d914a27e59a5d20] (SVN r2083)
10:31 Ticket #99 (Restarting openntpd service on ubuntu fails, reload not supported) closed by desai
fixed: Services can be configured to use alternate init script restart commands …
09:51 Ticket #99 (Restarting openntpd service on ubuntu fails, reload not supported) created by [email protected]
Openntpd service on Ubuntu will fail when restarting with …
05:32 Ticket #98 (clients.xml: pingable undocumented) created by [email protected]
Document 'pingable' attribute which is used in the …
05:00 Ticket #97 (bcfg2-repo-validate: bcfg2.conf hard coded) created by [email protected]
bcfg2-repo-validate doesn't allow to specify the location of the …
03:46 Ticket #96 (StatReports: bcfg2.conf hardcoded) created by [email protected]
StatReports? doesn't allow to specify the location of the bcfg2.conf file. …
03:37 Ticket #95 (StatReports: transformpath hardcoded) created by [email protected]
If bcfg2 gets installed with arbitrary prefix (python setup.py install …
03:12 Ticket #94 (bcfg2-server doesn't respect -C option) created by [email protected]
current svn (rev 2082) $ bcfg2-server -C …


13:52 Ticket #81 (init script broken in 0.8.2 final) closed by desai
fixed: This appears to be fixed (albeit on SLES9) with 0.8.3pre1. I think that …
12:54 Ticket #86 (removing rpms) closed by desai
12:52 Ticket #83 (rpmbuild fails) closed by desai
fixed: Resolved in [40c284b0890bfdbf72e941bfbf341527256f251e] (SVN r2068)


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