11:43 Ticket #243 (Patch: Probes for TCheetah) created by [email protected]
All probes in repo/Probe will get accessible in the TCheetah template …
08:40 Ticket #242 (Cfg: only last probe gets used) created by [email protected]
Currently only the last executed probe will be saved and available for …
07:52 Ticket #241 (Cfg: probes will fail to execute) created by [email protected]
bcfg2 with Gamin. When using Cfg with probes, I created a directory …


09:52 WikiStart edited by dclark
Added AIX support info (diff)


16:22 Ticket #240 (Integrate Patch to enable bcfg2-client to bind its socket to a specific ...) created by anonymous
In special setups (like ours) the bcfg2-client has to bind its client …


17:51 Comparison created by desai
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16:40 Ticket #227 (Services keep running) created by lueningh
If I turn my web server into a mail server, the running apache process …


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17:37 RefactorClient edited by dclark
Killed inadvertant wiki links, and added additional tested platforms based … (diff)
13:47 Ticket #217 ('Deps' module should support "OR" / "alternate" dependencies) created by [email protected]
For debian (and other, I'm sure) packaging formats, the system should …


13:13 Ticket #213 (0.8.5pre1 spec file) closed by anonymous
fixed: Resolved in revision [73c435c6d512500d0ad8d21aab41de9180d25c2f] (SVN …
13:03 Ticket #213 (0.8.5pre1 spec file) created by lueningh
I had to remove the following line from the spec file to get it to build …
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19:39 Ticket #210 (create-debian-pkglist.py: add verify-exclude list) created by [email protected]
If Packagelists are generated automatically (e.g. via cron), there should …


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Sent archives to gmane, so removing date reference. (diff)
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clarified debian.cnf situation (diff)
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Updates; added link to binary packages (diff)
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Applies to SVN and 0.8.5 release (diff)
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Added mysql example from recent mailing list email (diff)


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15:47 Ticket #186 (Client Traceback) closed by desai
fixed: This is caused by an unbound entry; group for this entry is not set. The …
15:41 Ticket #186 (Client Traceback) created by lueningh
15:30 Ticket #73 (Move encap code out from Solaris.py to non-os-specific location) closed by desai
fixed: At this point, the encap code loads for arbitrary platforms. More testing …
02:15 Ticket #184 (tool that generates directory structure for a given hostname) created by [email protected]
I will need/create a tool or modify bcfg2-info,bcfg2 that accepts the …


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09:39 Ticket #180 (Debian Package building - Documentation Build Problem) created by anonymous
The build process for the bcfg2-server package stops, because the …


02:50 Ticket #167 (Bundle: PostInstall usage) created by [email protected]
The (wiki) documentation is lacking information about 'PostInstall?' …


20:51 Ticket #56 (Confused report times) closed by desai
20:50 Ticket #147 (bcfg2-server fails under Python 2.5) closed by desai
fixed: OK. With lxml-1.1.1, built with the proper version of pyrex, the server …
20:47 Ticket #121 (:info as filename a bad idea) closed by desai
fixed: Fixed in revision [51a48233c0bf82e0b11d0a336d01a31dc2809f1c] (SVN r2346).
20:40 Ticket #132 (-f traceback) closed by desai
fixed: Resolved in [56ee3aa07a5b245adcee57f69dcb1ec53528cb17] (SVN r2345)
20:34 Ticket #134 (rpm-related traceback) closed by desai
fixed: This is fixed in [acf1ea7afffae0f5b8aa2e857e258ad6eb328958] (SVN r2342).
17:08 Ticket #148 (bcfg2 fails to build config if Base/ directory is empty) closed by desai
fixed: Resolved in [3ef49c0a67e99c24ef804b8e4e696f3705edc86e] (SVN r2341).
16:59 Ticket #163 (Make bcfg2.conf file accessible to the Plugins) closed by desai
fixed: I have committed code to Bcfg2.Server.Core that makes the bcfg2.conf file …
15:27 Ticket #163 (Make bcfg2.conf file accessible to the Plugins) created by [email protected]
Wish: Make cfile in Core.py accessible to the Plugins ( i.e. Core.py, line …


19:54 Ticket #158 (TCheetah: TemplateFile should only accept template files) closed by desai
fixed: I fixed the base template class to take a template directory name as the …
17:29 Ticket #158 (TCheetah: TemplateFile should only accept template files) created by [email protected]
When FAM processes first the info file from the /Cheetah dir instead of …
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19:40 WritingClientToolDrivers created by desai
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05:01 Ticket #148 (bcfg2 fails to build config if Base/ directory is empty) created by [email protected]
I've enabled the Base Plugin as structure in my bcfg2.conf file. My Base/ …


12:24 Ticket #147 (bcfg2-server fails under Python 2.5) created by dclark
Under Python 2.5 (final), bcfg2-server fails for me with: […] The …


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