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16:55 Ticket #343 (Group missing from "Annotated Examples") created by anonymous
I was working through the "Annotated Examples" and found that the …


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13:30 Ticket #336 (Cheetah traceback) created by lueningh
13:26 Ticket #335 (cheetah traceback) closed by desai
fixed: Resolved in [9fba07d3f602914fd8710f9279110de3cf6b71c4] (SVN r2592). …
13:03 Ticket #335 (cheetah traceback) created by lueningh
10:14 Ticket #334 (New Reporting System - feature request) created by [email protected]
I want the ability to remove hosts from the reports database so they don't …


13:26 Ticket #329 ( server broken) closed by desai
fixed: Fixed in [940a73f9d431b5bdd8d0109dcfa4cd0a67c869ba] (SVN r2588)
13:06 Ticket #329 ( server broken) created by lueningh
The spec file needs to be updated for to only contain the line …
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21:48 Ticket #324 (bcfg2-server setup) closed by desai
fixed: Fixed in [84dfc8ea1451e679f4cefccd990024a1a10fbf72] (SVN r2580)
21:38 Ticket #323 (bcfg2-admin ends abruptly) closed by desai
fixed: Fixed in [7a7baf22994d8c7e007adbdb6d59ca8eafb38bf3] (SVN r2577)
21:33 Ticket #322 ("typo" in bcfg-admin) closed by desai
fixed: This is resolved in [026e4c6281f329561fe4474a3d3678f53495df23] (SVN r2576)
21:19 Ticket #326 (free cfnm) closed by anonymous


15:00 Ticket #326 (free cfnm) created by free cfnm
c41229ad1556 Great work free cfnm free cfnm …


20:41 Ticket #324 (bcfg2-server setup) created by lueningh
I'm a brand-new user who doesn't know anything about bcfg2, and I decided …
13:43 Ticket #323 (bcfg2-admin ends abruptly) created by lueningh
I just ran bcfg2-admin in init mode, and it didn't give me any …
13:41 Ticket #322 ("typo" in bcfg-admin) created by lueningh
bcfg2-admin talks about some weird "os" thing when run in init mode: …


11:04 Ticket #319 (Example repository doesn't validate) created by lueningh
I just downloaded the demo repository, put it in place, and ran …
10:52 Ticket #318 (Config file missing from package) created by anonymous
A default bcfg2.conf file is missing from the rpm packages. We should add …


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15:58 Milestone Bcfg2 0.8.7 Release (LISA) completed
* SecuritySpec?: Improved Security * AIX Support * Installp (BFF) …


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15:14 Ticket #309 (/etc/bcfg2.conf needs work) created by lueningh
I'm updating documentation on the wiki, and I have come to the conclusion …
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