14:51 Ticket #359 (paranoid mode should be truly paranoid) created by [email protected]
Currently, in paranoid mode, bcfg2 will overwrite all config files without …
14:07 Ticket #358 (problems with down vs. pingable) created by bradshaw
So I recently found that I have certain subnets that don't allow ICMP, so …


20:08 Ticket #299 (bcfg2 should warn in case of duplicate entries) closed by desai
fixed: Resolved in [23850fbb759c114f3a4d3f43facb82366a7e94fc] (SVN r2639)
19:59 Ticket #356 (Sort changes with bcfg2 -I) closed by desai
fixed: Resolved in [823023867b795b7a86695542aba9224d12370305] (SVN r2638). …
19:47 Ticket #343 (Group missing from "Annotated Examples") closed by desai
fixed: Fixed.
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12:19 Ticket #356 (Sort changes with bcfg2 -I) created by naapuri
When running "bcfg2 -I" multiple times with the same server configuration, …


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noted addition of launchd services (diff)


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16:55 Ticket #343 (Group missing from "Annotated Examples") created by anonymous
I was working through the "Annotated Examples" and found that the …


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13:30 Ticket #336 (Cheetah traceback) created by lueningh
13:26 Ticket #335 (cheetah traceback) closed by desai
fixed: Resolved in [9fba07d3f602914fd8710f9279110de3cf6b71c4] (SVN r2592). …
13:03 Ticket #335 (cheetah traceback) created by lueningh
10:14 Ticket #334 (New Reporting System - feature request) created by [email protected]
I want the ability to remove hosts from the reports database so they don't …


13:26 Ticket #329 ( server broken) closed by desai
fixed: Fixed in [940a73f9d431b5bdd8d0109dcfa4cd0a67c869ba] (SVN r2588)
13:06 Ticket #329 ( server broken) created by lueningh
The spec file needs to be updated for to only contain the line …
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