16:54 Ticket #415 (gamin fails to reload xml files created by create-debian-pkglist.py) created by naapuri
After running create-debian-pkglist.py I have to restart the bcfg2 server …
16:40 Ticket #414 (bcfg2 -I doesn't run Actions) created by naapuri
When running the client with -I, <Action .../> tags seem to be ignored.


12:53 UsingRcache created by dclark
12:47 Contribute edited by dclark
Added info on Rcache (diff)
09:55 Ticket #413 (Links in Cfg) created by lueningh
This probably should actually be listed as a "gotcha" on the wiki …


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16:48 LearningPython created by dclark
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12:00 Ticket #412 (Make bcfg2 site searchable) created by dclark
http://trac.mcs.anl.gov/robots.txt contains: […] This makes the content …
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11:14 FeatureWindows created by dclark
08:42 Contribute edited by dclark
Added link to Bcfg2SubversionHowto (diff)


23:15 Ticket #411 (Printable Documentation) created by dclark
Now that the doc is moving from XML files to the Wiki, there needs to be …


14:28 Ticket #410 (bcfg2-admin traceback) created by leggett
[[email protected]:~/software/bcfg2-0.9.2/src/sbin]$ sudo bcfg2-admin Traceback …
12:52 Ticket #409 (bcfg2-admin compare IOError Traceback) created by Jason Hedden
When running 'bcfg2-admin compare -r' on an incorrect directory produces …
10:21 Ticket #408 (Bad piping) created by lueningh
If I run the client and pipe it through 'head', I end up with pages upon …
08:20 PrecompiledPackages edited by dclark
Minor formatting changes for consistency (diff)
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Made table headings bold; added info on mirror of bcfg2 ftp site (diff)
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Added info on scratch wiki I set up yesterday (diff)
05:15 Ticket #407 (Fixing ownership fails silently when user/group not found) created by naapuri
If I run into something like this: […] and there is no group 'baz', the …


15:59 Ticket #406 (Services show up as extra, not removed) created by lueningh
I have two bugs that I suspect are related. First: If I don't mention …


12:13 Ticket #74 (encap supported platforms - user reports) closed by anonymous
worksforme: Closing out... if anyone needs to ever add to it, just reopen…
10:25 Ticket #405 (Per-File Ignores for Bundles) created by barfoo
A number of Fedora RPM packages come with files, like statistical …


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10:41 Milestone Bcfg2 0.9.2 Release completed


15:48 Ticket #403 (Traceback in Pkgmgr.py when adding XML comments) closed by desai
fixed: Fixed in [6f73e672d16eb94d3bcf7e8392400f567cde4b5d] (SVN r2831)
15:25 Ticket #404 (ServiceType and PackageType in rules.xsd do not match those in ...) closed by desai
fixed: Resolved in [bcadd1b89d852fbc5af48917be9c7e9a318e7306] (SVN r2830)
15:13 Ticket #404 (ServiceType and PackageType in rules.xsd do not match those in ...) created by [email protected]
ServiceType? and PackageType? in rules.xsd do not match those in …
15:02 Ticket #403 (Traceback in Pkgmgr.py when adding XML comments) created by [email protected]
The following will cause a traceback: […]


17:07 Ticket #399 (Client succeeds but claims "Symlink /foo/bar cleanup failed") closed by desai
worksforme: Can't replicate
17:06 Ticket #398 (Installing a ConfigFile kills symlinks) closed by desai
worksforme: Since this isn't reproducable with the new code, I am closing this ticket …
17:05 Ticket #397 (Confusing question for bcfg -I) closed by desai
fixed: This is now fixed properly; a single question is displayed regardless of …
13:38 Ticket #402 (0.9.2rc2 client traceback) closed by desai
fixed: Too late; Pedro already reported it. It is fixed in 0.9.2rc3. ;)
13:36 Ticket #402 (0.9.2rc2 client traceback) created by lueningh
Running the 0.9.2rc2 client threw out a bunch of: […] It then claims …
13:34 Ticket #401 (Traceback - 0.9.2rc2) closed by desai
fixed: Fixed in [329cb81e17f5e78cc9adc29bb10324f635ec349c] (SVN r2817). (included …
13:24 Ticket #401 (Traceback - 0.9.2rc2) created by anonymous
client: 0.9.2rc2 server: 0.9.2rc2 [email protected]:/disks/bcfg2 # bcfg2 -q -v …


17:32 Ticket #397 (Confusing question for bcfg -I) reopened by naapuri
Reopening. The questions still don't look like questions. The above now …
10:14 Ticket #400 (Nightly errors) closed by desai
fixed: Resolved. We are now more optimistic in …
09:54 Ticket #400 (Nightly errors) created by lueningh
We should be more optimistic and change the old reports heading from "BCFG …
07:17 Ticket #399 (Client succeeds but claims "Symlink /foo/bar cleanup failed") created by naapuri
When installing new symlinks, the client succeeds but says: […] The …


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22:03 Documentation edited by desai
17:26 Ticket #398 (Installing a ConfigFile kills symlinks) created by naapuri
I had a ConfigFile? statement for /foo/bar/baz.conf. On the client, /foo …
11:51 Ticket #397 (Confusing question for bcfg -I) closed by desai
fixed: Resolved in [b43c488c96124ad07d4200860948a943cbf500cb] (SVN r2808)
03:50 Ticket #397 (Confusing question for bcfg -I) created by naapuri
bcfg2 -I asks a question, but it doesn't look like a question: […] It …


21:27 Documentation edited by desai
21:27 Documentation edited by desai
17:39 Ticket #396 (RPM/Yum driver needs to handle multiple versions of the same package being ...) created by [email protected]
When multiple versions of the same package are installed (e.g. the kernel) …


22:58 Documentation edited by desai
22:57 Documentation created by desai
18:48 Ticket #395 (Documentation Topics) created by desai
This ticket will be used to track topics that need better documentation. …


15:45 Ticket #387 (Traceback when clicking on any ConfigFile entry in the Config Items -> Bad ...) closed by desai
fixed: This attached patch should fix it. Committed in …
14:37 Ticket #386 (0.9.1a still requires url="" for Pkgmgr) closed by desai
fixed: Fixed in [9b6eecebfdf5df75d636a1ebc7f56740a8ac16df] (SVN r2777)
11:38 Ticket #394 (Incorrect "epoch" handling for packages) created by [email protected]
Currently bcfg2 ignores "epochs", which are part of package versioning. …
10:26 Ticket #393 (Non-base64 binary file inclusion causes traceback in the client) created by [email protected]
I have mistakenly included a binary file without marking it as "encoding: …
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09:18 Ticket #392 (New entries in client.xml fail until server restarted) created by [email protected]
Adding a new entry in clients.xml (with corresponding entries in …


20:08 Ticket #391 (libxml2 source rpm) created by [email protected]
Just an FYI, I wasn't able to build RPMs from the libxml2 source RPM on …
16:40 Ticket #390 (Diversions for ConfigFiles) created by [email protected]
Hi, One cool feature would be to include divertions in the ConfigFile?
14:14 Download edited by desai
14:14 News edited by desai
13:24 Ticket #389 (Usability issues with Tool Driver sets.) created by [email protected]
Given that there are at least two drivers that conflict with each other …
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