13:36 Ticket #415 (gamin fails to reload xml files created by create-debian-pkglist.py) closed by desai
fixed: I am pretty sure that this is fixed in …
10:17 Ticket #414 (bcfg2 -I doesn't run Actions) closed by desai
fixed: Fixed in [16891d0b7013be09944c9f0e383ea4f133a00b2b] (SVN r2922)


16:54 Ticket #415 (gamin fails to reload xml files created by create-debian-pkglist.py) created by naapuri
After running create-debian-pkglist.py I have to restart the bcfg2 server …
16:40 Ticket #414 (bcfg2 -I doesn't run Actions) created by naapuri
When running the client with -I, <Action .../> tags seem to be ignored.


12:53 UsingRcache created by dclark
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Added info on Rcache (diff)
09:55 Ticket #413 (Links in Cfg) created by lueningh
This probably should actually be listed as a "gotcha" on the wiki …


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16:48 LearningPython created by dclark
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12:00 Ticket #412 (Make bcfg2 site searchable) created by dclark
http://trac.mcs.anl.gov/robots.txt contains: […] This makes the content …
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11:14 FeatureWindows created by dclark
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Added link to Bcfg2SubversionHowto (diff)


23:15 Ticket #411 (Printable Documentation) created by dclark
Now that the doc is moving from XML files to the Wiki, there needs to be …


14:28 Ticket #410 (bcfg2-admin traceback) created by leggett
[[email protected]:~/software/bcfg2-0.9.2/src/sbin]$ sudo bcfg2-admin Traceback …
12:52 Ticket #409 (bcfg2-admin compare IOError Traceback) created by Jason Hedden
When running 'bcfg2-admin compare -r' on an incorrect directory produces …
10:21 Ticket #408 (Bad piping) created by lueningh
If I run the client and pipe it through 'head', I end up with pages upon …
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Added info on scratch wiki I set up yesterday (diff)
05:15 Ticket #407 (Fixing ownership fails silently when user/group not found) created by naapuri
If I run into something like this: […] and there is no group 'baz', the …


15:59 Ticket #406 (Services show up as extra, not removed) created by lueningh
I have two bugs that I suspect are related. First: If I don't mention …


12:13 Ticket #74 (encap supported platforms - user reports) closed by anonymous
worksforme: Closing out... if anyone needs to ever add to it, just reopen…
10:25 Ticket #405 (Per-File Ignores for Bundles) created by barfoo
A number of Fedora RPM packages come with files, like statistical …


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