05:02 Ticket #440 (bashism in init script) created by [email protected]
in debian/bcfg2.init, there is a line: [ "$BCFG2_ENABLED" == "0" -o …


11:26 Ticket #439 (traceback with PEM key after upgrading to 0.9.3) created by leggett
I just tried upgrading to 0.9.3 and am getting this now: […]


10:06 Ticket #438 (bcfg2-info doesn't respect -c option) closed by desai
fixed: Your assessment is completely correct. I've changed bcfg2-info sources and …
00:23 Ticket #438 (bcfg2-info doesn't respect -c option) created by [email protected]
I am trying to test out my config spec by running bcfg2-info and …


10:28 Ticket #437 (Inconsistent wording in client messages) created by lueningh
Inconsistent wording when running client with '-I': […]
10:22 Ticket #436 (Interactive mode feature request) created by lueningh
When run in interactive mode, the client should give a 'd' option to …


23:35 Ticket #435 (bcfg2 clumsy fingers friendly?) created by anonymous
Hi (again), That would be great if bcfg2 was a bit more picky about its …
23:24 Ticket #434 (Build mode not working. services still restarted.) created by jacques
When I use the -B option, the services are still started/restarted in …
22:55 Ticket #433 (Report system, possible enhancements...) created by [email protected]
Hi, Here is my take on ticket #89. Ideally I would be able to add a …


13:58 Ticket #432 (Deprecated attribute in clients.xml is validated for by ...) closed by desai
fixed: Resolved in [db97e7cbfa898cf58e6e67def6e4921b114004e0] (SVN r3100). Thanks …
12:52 Ticket #432 (Deprecated attribute in clients.xml is validated for by ...) created by [email protected]
The WritingSpecification? documentation page says that the pingable


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07:12 Ticket #431 (No longer have ability to update tickets) created by dclark
I can't add new information to or change the metadate of Bcfg2 Trac …
07:09 Bcfg2Doc created by dclark
07:07 Documentation edited by dclark
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Added links to printable doc (diff)


18:07 Milestone Bcfg2 0.9.3 Release completed
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19:33 Ticket #429 (postinst problems ucfr doesn't exist) closed by desai
fixed: Fixed in [91c0c88f230dd881217fe424fdb85e5c2b515366] (SVN r3065)
19:32 Ticket #430 (Add tlslits prereq) closed by desai
19:32 Ticket #426 (RPMng driver ignores quick mode (-q)) closed by desai
19:28 Ticket #428 (rpmng and epoch display/handling) closed by desai


13:48 Ticket #430 (Add tlslits prereq) created by lueningh
It might be nice to add tlslite as a prereq in the bcfg2.spec file. I was …


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Added Gentoo, alphebetized some stuff (diff)


16:21 Ticket #429 (postinst problems ucfr doesn't exist) created by bradshaw
I was just installing the 0.9.3pre6 on my ubuntu dapper x86_64 machine and …
12:11 Ticket #427 (RPMng driver reads in file when verifying file size) closed by [email protected]
invalid: It looks like rpm is cheating, e.g. it does not read in the file, but it …
10:37 Ticket #428 (rpmng and epoch display/handling) created by [email protected]
The EVR display during bcfg2's operation has an asterisk ('*') when there …
10:13 Ticket #427 (RPMng driver reads in file when verifying file size) created by [email protected]
Passing md5 alone in ticket #426 was not enough to really create a quick …
10:04 Ticket #426 (RPMng driver ignores quick mode (-q)) created by [email protected]
Running bcfg2 -q on an RPMng driven system results in the system computing …
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