10:50 Ticket #458 (Default to numeric users/groups) closed by desai
fixed: Per conversation on irc, i think that we are now set.
10:14 Ticket #465 (Bcfg2 destroys symbolic links when installing files) closed by desai
fixed: Fixed in [18b8880cdb8fb99facafe79517bf850635affbca] (SVN r3457)


17:55 Ticket #465 (Bcfg2 destroys symbolic links when installing files) created by dclark
* Have a box where /usr/local -> /local2/local (a filesystem with more …


11:16 Ticket #464 (upgrade to 0.9.4 broke /usr/lib/bcfg2-cron --daily) created by [email protected]
After upgrading to 0.9.4 /usr/lib/bcfg2-cron --daily fails outputting the …


06:47 Ticket #462 (short ambert) closed by dclark
04:35 Ticket #462 (short ambert) created by anonymous
short ambert


09:57 ServerSideOverview edited by dclark
Minor formatting fix (diff)


14:12 Ticket #459 (Extend XInclude support to all XML files) closed by dclark
wontfix: Desai convinced me that external generators for files are the way to go …


18:40 Ticket #461 (bundle change not getting triggered by negated group section) created by [email protected]
i'm using bcfg2 to manage monit. based on group membership, i have it …
14:02 Ticket #460 (No way to specify packages with the same name but under different package ...) created by dclark
Say I have an RPM package "openssl", and an AIX package "openssl", and an …
12:00 Ticket #459 (Extend XInclude support to all XML files) created by dclark
XInclude should be supported in all Bcfg2 XML files, not just Metadata …


14:23 Ticket #458 (Default to numeric users/groups) created by dclark
Numeric users and groups should be used by default in all Bcfg2 code, as …
12:28 Ticket #457 (traceback running showclient twice) closed by desai
fixed: Resolved in [62214705d3fdc3c3f105a59aa177854a8d51c619] (SVN r3405)
12:15 Ticket #457 (traceback running showclient twice) created by [email protected]
If you run showclient twice in bcfg2-info (0.9.4) you get a traceback: > …


09:39 Ticket #456 (Server-side probe logging) created by dclark
It would be *really* useful if the output of Probes could be kept in …


14:53 Ticket #455 (Get rid of non-automatic toolset detection code/doc) created by dclark
Now that we have automatic package type detection, is there any reference …


14:30 Ticket #454 (tools/bcfg2-cron script error) closed by desai
fixed: Resolved in [90c003c8b39e31aae0c2626884180e0911a37c8c] (SVN r3393). Thanks …
14:09 Ticket #454 (tools/bcfg2-cron script error) created by [email protected]
There's an extra closing curly-brace in the bcfg2-cron script invoked by …
11:03 Ticket #453 (Server forgetting config files) created by lueningh
With 0.9.4, it looks like if I remove a config file and its directory from …


21:27 Ticket #334 (New Reporting System - feature request) closed by hagedorn
fixed: This should be fixed in all 0.9.5 versions. Sorry about the delay. fix was …


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10:38 Download edited by desai
10:35 Milestone Bcfg2 0.9.4 Release completed


09:13 Publications edited by dclark
Added missing ] to latest talk link (diff)
09:06 Download edited by dclark
Added svn checkout instructions, since I can never remember the URL and … (diff)


13:12 Ticket #452 (building an RPM from source fails) created by [email protected]
Trying to use bdist_rpm command to make an RPM. Here is the output: […]


15:28 Ticket #90 (New Reports (minor) planned enhancements) closed by hagedorn
fixed: The issues mentioned in this ticket have been resolved to a satisfactory …


16:09 Ticket #451 (XML comments break bcfg2 client) closed by desai
fixed: This issue was just fixed in [be355d267a1262bf6a2dbb1558b2655faf61fdfc]
14:23 Ticket #451 (XML comments break bcfg2 client) created by steeves
Running 0.9.4pre2 on RHEL4, with lxml 0.9.2. In …
14:03 Ticket #450 (Comments in Deps/*.xml cause operation GetConfig to complete with fault) closed by desai
fixed: Resolved in [be355d267a1262bf6a2dbb1558b2655faf61fdfc] (SVN r3316)


02:01 Ticket #450 (Comments in Deps/*.xml cause operation GetConfig to complete with fault) created by [email protected]
If I use a Deps file that looks like this: […] I can run `bcfg2 -v -d …
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