12:27 Ticket #510 (Update for pkgmgr_update.py) created by lueningh
The below patch makes pkgmgr_update.py use lxml instead of elementtree. …


13:41 Ticket #509 (Cosmetic issue with -r option message in YUMng.Install) created by labrown
When there are no packages that would be removed if the -r option is used, …


20:39 Ticket #507 (bcfg2 client traceback) closed by desai
fixed: Fixed in [ab6ac030488c8c1cc8cd9c537f5e468b3d0e2678] (SVN r4019)
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13:52 Ticket #507 (bcfg2 client traceback) created by [email protected]
# cat /etc/issue Welcome to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 (i586) - …
08:08 Ticket #493 (bcfg2 client tracebacks on malformed /etc/bcfg2.conf) closed by desai
fixed: I committed a slightly different patch in revision …
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04:53 Ticket #506 (Add to documentation ticket) closed by desai
fixed: I've added these to the wiki. Thanks for submitting this.
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03:56 Ticket #506 (Add to documentation ticket) created by [email protected]
On 'ServerSideOverview' page there's a typing error in the sentence of …


23:45 IRCChannel edited by dclark
Change for byxnet -> freenode move (diff)
16:26 Ticket #505 (Chkconfig.py is looking for wrong error message) created by labrown
VerifyService? runs this code: try: srvdata = …


15:55 Ticket #504 (sequence number for <service> tag) created by anonymous
Wondering if we can add an additional parameter in <service> tag to …


14:16 Ticket #501 (export repository path to templates) created by lueningh
Maybe this is already available, but I want to record the need for it …
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