19:56 Ticket #527 (Better error message when importscript.py can't read /etc/bcfg2.conf) created by anonymous
/etc/bcfg2.conf is readable by root only and when importscript.py isn't …


20:09 Ticket #526 (display diff in interactive mode for (currently) empty files) created by desai
19:29 Ticket #525 (Loosen up base schema to allow global rules (they already work)) created by desai
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17:56 Ticket #524 (Directory fails if entry is not a directory) closed by desai
fixed: Committed in [efc0cbc2305b02c89c5f2bc7d670a992cb6db7d1] (SVN r4393) and …
17:48 Ticket #524 (Directory fails if entry is not a directory) created by [email protected]
We use a Directory element for /var/run/console . Another program on the …


14:57 Ticket #523 (Option to not restart services) created by lueningh
I strangely often have a config file that I want bcfg to put in place, but …


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09:52 Ticket #522 (Overriding an existing Package/PackList for a group in Pkgmgr needs ...) closed by desai
fixed: This is fixed in [2fa3c8f5bdec91ea0c4fbdea46700c6ab628c7fe] (SVN r4303)


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