10:23 Ticket #537 (Add setting in config file for reports in a subdirctory) created by [email protected]
There is a patch for bcfg2/src/lib/Server/Reports/urls.py at …


14:27 Ticket #536 (option to disable fam) created by [email protected]
I'd like to store my bcfg2 repository on a NAS via NFS. Fam doesn't seem …


10:30 Ticket #535 (Document Mac OS X package) created by gogolok
A wiki page regarding the installation and (more important) deinstallation …


17:52 Ticket #534 (add support for "unspecified" configuration entries) created by anonymous
add support for "unspecified" configuration entries. Imagine I configure …


19:34 Ticket #533 (Rules' Directory entry's prune attribute seems to be reversed.) created by [email protected]
I recently switched around my bcfg2 deployment. In the process of …
11:52 Ticket #532 (SSHBase slightly broken in OSX) closed by desai
worksforme: You can do this using altsrc; this species a different name for binding. …
10:30 Ticket #532 (SSHBase slightly broken in OSX) created by [email protected]
OSX keeps it's ssh configs in /etc not /etc/ssh/. SSHBase seems to handle …


12:51 Ticket #531 (Add recursion to Deps) created by [email protected]
Given that for some packages there are dependencies that need to be …
10:14 PrecompiledPackages edited by leggett
Added OS X packages (diff)


09:40 IRCChannel edited by dclark
Added info on converting personal logs to fill in missing public logs (diff)


20:15 IRCChannel edited by dclark
colabti.de -> colabti.org (diff)
20:08 IRCChannel edited by dclark


19:15 Ticket #530 (Probes have no way of specifying group categories) created by [email protected]
There is no way at the moment to have a probe output both a group and a …


12:58 Ticket #529 (public groups combined with dynamic groups implicitly makes probed groups ...) created by [email protected]
There is unexpected behavior if you combine a public group with dynamic, …
11:54 Ticket #528 (support for multiple fingerprints) created by [email protected]
I will need to periodically rotate the server cert in order to satisfy …


11:30 Ticket #527 (Better error message when importscript.py can't read /etc/bcfg2.conf) closed by desai
fixed: Fixed in [721c80c052afc40cb4dac5fb2ee52435129e2c6f] (SVN r4411) and queued …
11:21 Ticket #519 (symlink fix in Interactive mode) closed by desai
fixed: Resolved in [7e710d354643c34d585415d67136c6513519adf7] (SVN r4410)
10:49 Ticket #525 (Loosen up base schema to allow global rules (they already work)) closed by desai
fixed: Resolved in [1575e6b759a37bf45e080b31bbabbd2e98bfe664] (SVN r4409)
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