23:55 Ticket #571 (SGenshi left out of encoding update) created by solj
This should help […]
13:05 Ticket #570 (Typo in Server/Plugins/Base.py?) closed by desai
fixed: You're right, this is a typo and in 0.9.6 it is actually dead code. …
12:55 Ticket #570 (Typo in Server/Plugins/Base.py?) created by [email protected]
I think there might be a typo in Server/Plugins/Base?.py. It exists in …


11:00 Ticket #549 (utf8 strings in ConfigFile elements causes them to fail) closed by desai
fixed: unicode-supportv3.diff was committed in …


17:24 Ticket #569 (Bcfg2.Logging causes namespace collisions on case-insensitive filesystems) created by [email protected]
..so I've gone and renamed it to Bcfg2.Logger and made a patch.


14:14 Ticket #568 (server can't handle profile specified in clients.xml and on command line) closed by desai
fixed: Fix committed in [b4e1d254729d7106e152737d87610900728c6d96] (SVN r4712)


11:23 Ticket #567 (clients.xml with XInclude overwritten) closed by brestick
fixed: Resolved in svn revision [c746bdc6f47d023ff13fae99f218aac0cd54003e] (SVN …


15:36 Ticket #568 (server can't handle profile specified in clients.xml and on command line) created by [email protected]
I am running bcfg2 0.9.6pre1. When a client specifies a profile on the …
15:27 Ticket #567 (clients.xml with XInclude overwritten) created by [email protected]
I am running bcfg2-server 0.9.6-pre1. I changed our Metadata/clients.xml …


10:21 Ticket #541 (bcfg2-admin client mode broken) closed by brestick
fixed: Resolved issue in [c4de45d84a95ec7e3b61780eae6a591885fc9bbf] (SVN r4701), …


15:04 Ticket #566 (bcfg2-server Debian package is missing a dependency on python-genshi) created by [email protected]
I am using a locally built set of packages based on …


15:29 Ticket #565 (bcfg2-admin asks a question with one true answer: /etc/bcfg2.conf]) created by dclark
bcfg2-admin exists asks a question it does't really want an answer to: : …
15:22 Ticket #564 (Debian package removal broken if bcfg2 server isn't configured & running) created by dclark
Either the init script's stop should exit 0 if there is nothing to stop, …


20:07 Ticket #563 (Confusing message from dns error) closed by desai
fixed: I've improved the error message on the server side, and cleaned up the …


15:18 Ticket #563 (Confusing message from dns error) created by [email protected]
I've got an error from the bcfg2 client regarding an error that people did …


18:56 Ticket #562 (Summary Displays view shows incorrect extra configuration information) created by solj
All hosts are displayed as having extra configuration entries despite the …


12:56 Ticket #555 (bcfg2 traceback if argument specified for bcfg2) closed by desai
fixed: Fixed in [c7b41b673e27be7ed0f5abf4859aacdfba77a6be] (SVN r4654)
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