23:01 Ticket #562 (Summary Displays view shows incorrect extra configuration information) closed by solj
fixed: fixed in [926c2d83ef9832a687b9c5276f9c06b453f75a11] (SVN r4907).


12:29 Publications edited by gogolok
Note an article by Marko Jung and Nils Magnus in the german Linux-Magazin (diff)


14:49 Ticket #586 (Client should ignore checksum on files that are replaced) closed by tousigna
fixed: Fixed in commit [a5cba4e222f4ef89518bebea9b0ac447730fcdb1] (SVN r4901) …


07:45 Ticket #565 (bcfg2-admin asks a question with one true answer: /etc/bcfg2.conf]) closed by desai
fixed: Actually, the option parser already handles this properly, and there is a …


15:30 Ticket #598 (Failed to upload configuration statistics) created by [email protected]
I think this is a scaling problem with the server. It occurs after I have …
14:00 Ticket #595 (group categories not handled quite right) closed by desai
fixed: I fixed the metadata plugin to log category-based group suppression …
13:29 Ticket #597 (probes traceback) closed by desai
fixed: fixed in [6ca4082a56e4b950c6f26d986595ab8eb934f9c4] (SVN r4895)
13:09 Ticket #597 (probes traceback) created by [email protected]
I took Metadata out of the plugins list. Now I get this traceback: error …
13:06 Ticket #596 (Plugin Metadata is not a generator plugin) closed by desai
worksforme: The correct way to solve this problem is to remove Metadata from the …
12:13 Ticket #596 (Plugin Metadata is not a generator plugin) created by [email protected]
I just upgraded to the latest release. I noticed that my clients are not …


13:58 Ticket #595 (group categories not handled quite right) created by Jim Rowan <[email protected]…>
I tried something which turns out to be illegal in my group config, and …


11:57 Ticket #536 (option to disable fam) closed by solj
fixed: James Yang added this capability in …
09:17 Ticket #466 (Make trac syntax hilighting work) closed by solj
fixed: This appears to be working fine now.
08:48 Ticket #557 (bcfg2-repo-validate options) closed by solj
worksforme: This has worked since [eaa1b0613155510a984a2c33da358de497c04375] (SVN …


21:19 Ticket #579 (bcfg2-repo-validate should warn on missing references) closed by solj
fixed: Resolved in [d9690cef36daef5884b1b289cfaced2452193c8b] (SVN r4888)


13:19 Ticket #594 (Subclassed Metadata plugins: broken probes) closed by desai
fixed: Fixed in [e522198525002564cc78f8b22e198c7458a81819] (SVN r4879) with a …
12:19 Ticket #594 (Subclassed Metadata plugins: broken probes) created by John Morris <[email protected]…>
In Metadata.ProbeSet?.get_probe_data, the probe 'source' is hardcoded to …
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