07:42 Ticket #603 (Directory prune option confusion) created by Matt Baker <[email protected]…>
prune option in POSIX.py for Directory elements in Rules does not seem to …


06:55 Ticket #599 (deltas not being recognised) closed by desai
fixed: Committed in [9935853fa13c834d644512a561835b72a5bf3dc8] (SVN r4925). …
06:27 Ticket #599 (deltas not being recognised) reopened by Matt Baker <[email protected]…>
Many thanks for looking at this. This has solved the problem with the …


14:31 Ticket #599 (deltas not being recognised) closed by desai
fixed: Fixed in [31a81c82a5c8e71a7e355dc1426da10ec6e28a45] (SVN r4922)
14:30 Ticket #602 (Periodic errors from updating sqlite reports database) created by kisielk
Every once in a while a client will cause the following error message on …


15:42 Ticket #601 (Incorrect Configuration Element Details) created by solj
The Reason for bad/modified elements is always showing up as nonexistent …
14:24 Ticket #600 (Hardcoded timezone in reporting system) created by kisielk
The timezone for the reporting system is hardcoded to America/Chicago? in …


10:44 Ticket #599 (deltas not being recognised) created by [email protected]
Cfg/ files with a .cat extension are not recognized as diffs and being …


23:01 Ticket #562 (Summary Displays view shows incorrect extra configuration information) closed by solj
fixed: fixed in [926c2d83ef9832a687b9c5276f9c06b453f75a11] (SVN r4907).


12:29 Publications edited by gogolok
Note an article by Marko Jung and Nils Magnus in the german Linux-Magazin (diff)


14:49 Ticket #586 (Client should ignore checksum on files that are replaced) closed by tousigna
fixed: Fixed in commit [a5cba4e222f4ef89518bebea9b0ac447730fcdb1] (SVN r4901) …


07:45 Ticket #565 (bcfg2-admin asks a question with one true answer: /etc/bcfg2.conf]) closed by desai
fixed: Actually, the option parser already handles this properly, and there is a …
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