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18:50 Ticket #606 ("bcfg2-admin init" is not creating SSL certificate and brake the ...) closed by desai
fixed: Patch committed in [6a075b983056d801a288e4e8ad81eb8c263b0260] (SVN r4951). …
18:48 Ticket #469 (bcfg2-admin pull is broken) closed by desai
fixed: Committed in [19915cc0058d876eb69d2188f69aae41e6d791a1] (SVN r4950). …
14:39 Ticket #469 (bcfg2-admin pull is broken) reopened by Fernando Laudares Camargos <[email protected]…>
Hello, I've re-experience this with bcfg2-0.9.6pre3 (exactly the same …
13:53 Ticket #606 ("bcfg2-admin init" is not creating SSL certificate and brake the ...) created by [email protected]
Here's what happens (in summary): …


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Add build dep on fakeroot (diff)


09:07 Ticket #540 (make single pass package installs more fault tolerant) closed by desai
fixed: The attached APT.py uses the apt cache in a more sophisticated manner; the …
09:04 Ticket #553 (Files to permit building RPMs directly from svn checkout) closed by desai
fixed: This should be fixed now.


17:16 Ticket #605 (Interactive mode should prompt for service restart) created by kisielk
I think that the client interactive mode should prompt for service …


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21:36 Ticket #87 (New Reports historical data error) closed by desai
fixed: I think this issue is fixed now.
21:35 Ticket #523 (Option to not restart services) closed by desai
wontfix: In this case, you should use either -I or the snazzy new centralized …
21:34 Ticket #603 (Directory prune option confusion) closed by desai
worksforme: Pruning is scoped to a given bundle; are you including the first directory …
21:30 Ticket #566 (bcfg2-server Debian package is missing a dependency on python-genshi) closed by desai
fixed: Fixed in [c796436d3722d19a3af5528bda4849b8a81e4cf4] (SVN r4941). Reporting …
21:25 Ticket #587 (New service spec'ed in Bundle doesn't get started immediately) closed by desai
fixed: Resolved in [869e7596ca805151b049c1034e4e5a58a67c73ac] (SVN r4940)


17:05 Ticket #576 (2 group of same category should give an alert, only the last is taken) closed by desai
fixed: This is now done.
16:43 Ticket #515 (Add an option for logging ouput location.) closed by desai
fixed: This is now possible using the -o flag for bcfg2 and bcfg2-server. It …
16:30 Ticket #600 (Hardcoded timezone in reporting system) closed by desai
fixed: OK, as of [3452092321e545b6113c8965c862b76fdab951d5] (SVN r4936), the …
16:22 Ticket #602 (Periodic errors from updating sqlite reports database) closed by desai
fixed: Resolved in [ca36779a8f04767a8a2ab0ea5e9ff8994aa5e131] (SVN r4935)
15:31 Ticket #604 (Extend the functionality of the Account Plugin) created by [email protected]
The Account Plugin is a great theory but currently only supports a very …
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