22:58 Ticket #536 (option to disable fam) reopened by dclark
So you have this working? If so, how? See also ticket:611
22:06 Ticket #611 (bcfg2.conf filemonitor specification doesn't seem to work) created by dclark
In bcfg2.conf [server] section, setting filemonitor = fam or filemonitor = …
20:52 Ticket #610 (bcfg2-info doc sync) created by dclark
These are currently all very different: * bcfg2-info -h * bcfg2-info …
17:12 Ticket #609 (Plugins/TCheetah.py needs to have svn:keywords fixed) closed by desai
fixed: Fixed in [fdba0ba075ad6fa485d2eb460659fbab25e9a56a] (SVN r4971)
16:57 Ticket #609 (Plugins/TCheetah.py needs to have svn:keywords fixed) created by dclark
Currently $Id$ isn't expanded, which causes bcfg2-info generators to have …
14:23 Ticket #608 (FreeBSDInit always shows up as a client tool driver (on non-FreeBSD boxes)) created by dclark
bcfg2-0.9.6rc1/src/lib/Client/Tools/FreeBSDInit.py Think this is because …
14:14 Ticket #607 (bcfg2-server doc in source needs update) created by dclark
The man page is a subset of "bcfg2-server --help", which is a subset of …


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18:50 Ticket #606 ("bcfg2-admin init" is not creating SSL certificate and brake the ...) closed by desai
fixed: Patch committed in [6a075b983056d801a288e4e8ad81eb8c263b0260] (SVN r4951). …
18:48 Ticket #469 (bcfg2-admin pull is broken) closed by desai
fixed: Committed in [19915cc0058d876eb69d2188f69aae41e6d791a1] (SVN r4950). …
14:39 Ticket #469 (bcfg2-admin pull is broken) reopened by Fernando Laudares Camargos <[email protected]…>
Hello, I've re-experience this with bcfg2-0.9.6pre3 (exactly the same …
13:53 Ticket #606 ("bcfg2-admin init" is not creating SSL certificate and brake the ...) created by [email protected]
Here's what happens (in summary): …


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Add build dep on fakeroot (diff)


09:07 Ticket #540 (make single pass package installs more fault tolerant) closed by desai
fixed: The attached APT.py uses the apt cache in a more sophisticated manner; the …
09:04 Ticket #553 (Files to permit building RPMs directly from svn checkout) closed by desai
fixed: This should be fixed now.


17:16 Ticket #605 (Interactive mode should prompt for service restart) created by kisielk
I think that the client interactive mode should prompt for service …
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