17:53 Ticket #620 (bcfg2-repo-validate handles bundle as info.xml file) closed by solj
fixed: Resolved in [45b4a330dcf8a862ab271a50cd7b052a77a2e0db] (SVN r4994)


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14:14 Ticket #624 (Build mode stops services) created by [email protected]
When using the client -B option, services that are supposed to be on won't …


19:52 Ticket #623 (Bcfg2 agent fails to start in daemon mode) created by [email protected]
/etc/init.d/bcfg2 start fails to start the agent with this error: …
16:04 Ticket #622 (Missing configuration files do not get installed) created by [email protected]
Missing configuration files are not installed by the APT tools. The …


13:03 Ticket #621 (Improper TLSError handling in Proxy.py) closed by desai
fixed: Resolved in [6ac0ad8babaee28757bc6d9372bf1ecf6ee16bd4] (SVN r4990).
12:13 Ticket #621 (Improper TLSError handling in Proxy.py) created by kisielk
A traceback from the bcfg2 client: […] The offending line in Proxy.py: …


07:32 Ticket #613 (Migrating from to 0.9.6rc1 broke TCheetah template) closed by desai
fixed: Fixed in [1b1eea8aa9de19c018f4eb58e573d4afa3247e31] (SVN r4989). Thanks …


08:49 Ticket #620 (bcfg2-repo-validate handles bundle as info.xml file) created by Martin <[email protected]…>
If you have a Bundle named foobar-info.xml, bcfg2-repo-validate will …


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14:51 Ticket #618 (0.9.6 spec file problems) closed by solj
fixed: resolved in [0b49493ffe0cf251394d79eaef5a4209385706a1] (SVN r4978)
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12:47 TGenshi/examples created by kisielk
Created examples page
12:26 Ticket #619 (Bcfg2 ignores ConfigFile ending with ".tmp") created by Fernando Laudares Camargos <[email protected]…>
In my case, I had the ConfigFile? /var/lib/bpcconf/rsyncd.conf.tmp. …


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14:34 Ticket #618 (0.9.6 spec file problems) created by lueningh
Two problems with the 0.9.6 final spec file: 'pre1' shows up at two …
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01:17 Ticket #617 (allow multiple Bundle/Independant entries in a single Bundle xml file) created by barth
The flexibility of SGenshi would be easier to use (and the specification …
01:12 Ticket #616 (add option "only configure the given independant entry") created by barth
bcfg2 -b mybundle is useful, the same thing for independent entries would …
01:07 Ticket #615 ("bcfg2 -b toto" should warn user if no bundle named "toto" is found.) created by barth
01:02 Ticket #614 (client log "Cannot verify incomplete ConfigFile" is misleading) created by barth
when the server fails to bind an entry for some reason, the client …
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