22:54 Ticket #632 (SYSV 'any' version support) created by [email protected]
Allow SYSV (and therefore Blast, as well) packages to use the 'any' …
21:49 Ticket #631 (APT version='any' verifies, but doesn't install) created by [email protected]
Using the special version string 'any' with the APT client tool, packages …
21:25 Ticket #630 (Blast and SYSV client tools using suboptimal 'mktemp') created by [email protected]
Both the Blast and SYSV client package tools use tempfile.mktemp(), which …
14:01 Ticket #629 (Environment variable need to be carried to the package manager) created by tousigna
The old behavior of bcfg2 did permit us to do an Action to set en …
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Outline for tracking 1.0 (diff)
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12:59 Ticket #628 (different file attributes and altsrc) created by Martin <[email protected]…>
I have the following Bundle: […] Now I generate /etc/a.conf with a …
12:45 Ticket #627 (Permissions Entries have no effect for ConfigFiles) created by Martin <[email protected]…>
I noticed that when I use the Permissions tag of the Rules generator to …
12:37 Ticket #626 (Override encoding of ... TGenshi template to utf-8) created by Martin <[email protected]…>
I'm not sure if this issue has been discussed before, but I always get the …


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15:38 Ticket #41 (BCFG2 on Solaris) reopened by anonymous
with respect to the architecture specific packages, while a given system …


15:03 Ticket #615 ("bcfg2 -b toto" should warn user if no bundle named "toto" is found.) closed by solj
fixed: Resolved in [1a2fbced68eaf6bb01d6dee6a4223c7368095137] (SVN r4997)


04:30 Ticket #625 (Document version="auto|any") created by Marc Fargas <[email protected]…>
Looking at APT.py it seems you can put "version=any" or "version=auto" in …


17:53 Ticket #620 (bcfg2-repo-validate handles bundle as info.xml file) closed by solj
fixed: Resolved in [45b4a330dcf8a862ab271a50cd7b052a77a2e0db] (SVN r4994)
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