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14:34 Ticket #641 (bcfg2 checks warns of missing gpg key even if nosignature is used) closed by solj
fixed: This should be resolved in [668ecd8345aa2943187df23c1130c1dceaa564b1] (SVN …
11:58 Ticket #601 (Incorrect Configuration Element Details) closed by solj
wontfix: The reports interface will be redone in 1.0.
11:56 Ticket #564 (Debian package removal broken if bcfg2 server isn't configured & running) closed by solj
worksforme: I'm not sure when this started working, but it definitely works for me …
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Add zultron's information (diff)


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Added link to instructions for building packages (diff)
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Added instructions for building RPM packages


10:55 Ticket #646 (SSHbase should be alias aware) created by lueningh
Right now I need to include three copies of all of my ssh keys in sshbase, …


22:16 Ticket #645 (Default attributes for Package elements) created by [email protected]
The recent addition of version="any" support for the SYSV/Blast/APT …


13:51 Ticket #644 (Server should have a newline when inserting an entry in to client.xml) created by kisielk
Currently all the <Client> tags are put on one line. This makes editing …
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09:04 Ticket #630 (Blast and SYSV client tools using suboptimal 'mktemp') closed by solj
fixed: Committed to the stable stream in [5052]. Also committed to trunk as part …


02:29 Ticket #643 (Error/warn on xml dupes) created by anonymous
Currently it is possible for duplicate - but different and conflicting - …
02:24 Ticket #642 (RFE: permissions="inherit") created by anonymous
Rather than store the permissions for a ConfigFile? in the xml file, it …


10:01 Ticket #641 (bcfg2 checks warns of missing gpg key even if nosignature is used) created by anonymous
e.g. WARNING: Package bcfg2 0.9.6-1.el5.noarch requires GPG Public key …


18:53 Ticket #624 (Build mode stops services) closed by solj
fixed: This issue (as well as others) are addressed by the new Service framework …
16:38 Milestone Bcfg2 0.9.6 Release completed
0.9.6 Release Notes


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added quickstart2 which was mentioned in irc (diff)
09:54 Ticket #640 (Add RepoSearchPlugin to bcfg2 trac instance) created by dclark
Now that some dev doc is only in svn, might be useful to add this trac …


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14:12 Ticket #639 (New to bcfg2 notes/questions from somekool (at) gmail (dot) com) created by dclark
somekool is on #bcfg2 as somekool, just recording this for posterity; it's …
13:15 Ticket #638 (Conider exposing some bcfg2 functionality via a fuse filesystem) created by dclark
Using fuse filesystems may be more intuitive than bcfg2-admin/bcfg2-info …
13:13 Ticket #637 (Consider using fuse + fuse filesystem as gamin/fam alternative) created by dclark
Idea is that fuse is more loved than gamin/fam, and also currently runs or …
13:07 Ticket #636 (Process to get most recent man pages to wiki) created by dclark
There is some stuff that is only doc'ed in bcfg2 man pages (eg …


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Add a wiki page for Bcfg2 usage (diff)
09:52 Ticket #635 (Set up InterTrac with Free Software Foundation trac instances) created by dclark
See http://trac.edgewall.org/wiki/InterTrac Should look something like …
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