07:10 Ticket #655 (Add support for Fossil SCM distributed version control system) created by dclark
(just opening a ticket for myself to track progress on this) * djbclark …


21:19 Ticket #654 (bcfg2-server .deb doesn't include site_media) created by dclark
bcfg2-server .deb (generated from the from-the-tarball build process in …
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Modify prereq goals (diff)
07:20 Ticket #653 (mandatory SQLAlchemy import in Snapshots/__init__.py) closed by desai
fixed: This was actually a bug in bcfg2-admin; the help codepath didn't handle …
07:00 Ticket #652 (Missing Python <2.6 support in Proxy.py) closed by desai
fixed: Committed in [61ae42bb686b3abde33f80591992e3adff0f155c] (SVN r5209). …
06:55 Ticket #653 (mandatory SQLAlchemy import in Snapshots/__init__.py) created by Torsten Rehn <[email protected]…>
[…] Please don't import it in init like this. If I don't care …
06:36 Ticket #652 (Missing Python <2.6 support in Proxy.py) created by Torsten Rehn <[email protected]…>
[…] The timeout argument was added in Python 2.6


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10:45 Ticket #433 (Report system, possible enhancements...) closed by solj
fixed: I think most of these issues are resolved (or will be with Snapshots). A …


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