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Formatting nicities (diff)
19:09 Ticket #667 (Bcfg2-tracked version control checkouts) created by dclark
It might be useful to allow bcfg2 to interface with version control …
18:59 Ticket #666 (General 1.0 doc updates) created by dclark
Need to go through wiki, man pages, README etc. to update for Bcfg2 1.0, …
18:58 Ticket #665 (Update on-wiki man pages for Bcfg2 1.1.0) created by dclark
All are pointed to from ManualPages? - Would be good to do this by closing …
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18:09 Ticket #623 (Bcfg2 agent fails to start in daemon mode) closed by desai
fixed: Closing out.


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Added how to create python module .debs for backported ssl (diff)


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15:58 Ticket #664 (Group tag selection are ignored in the Decision plugin) created by somekool <[email protected]…>
[…] these whitelist items apply everywhere, no matter what group I put …
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Add ssl module link (diff)


20:42 Ticket #662 (Virtual package targets no longer bind) closed by desai
fixed: Fixed in [ae3c07c882a5ceaa254ae4633a656e6abb5d3062] (SVN r5245)
09:49 Ticket #663 (Running bcfg2s-server for a few days results in 'Too many open files' ...) created by [email protected]
After upgrading from v0.9.6 to v1.0pre2, bcfg2-server crashes every few …


08:56 Ticket #647 (Add support for probed groups to bcfg2-admin query) closed by solj
fixed: Resolved in [fe540ca94fbc7c4b3171fa27cead193230e4a201] (SVN r5242).


20:38 Ticket #650 (PseudoFam mode doesn't work, Gamin-related traceback) closed by solj
fixed: This should be resolved in [6ec4573ccd6f67234b81a8aa9a6dc1ca024a21d6] (SVN …
15:49 Ticket #662 (Virtual package targets no longer bind) created by Tim Laszlo <[email protected]…>
Packages defined using virtual targets in bundles no longer bind. The …
15:17 Ticket #661 (optional packages) created by somekool <[email protected]…>
Package tag should allow an optional=true attribute to be set. This would …
14:02 Ticket #660 (being able to whitelist an item for a specific reason.) created by somekool <[email protected]…>
I have made myself a function that reads the fields in the reports_reason …
13:24 Ticket #659 (the prune option in a directory should work for reporting as well) created by somekool <[email protected]…>
at the moment, using the prune attributes in a directory tag such as ... …
13:22 Ticket #658 (the "proactive" mode should not be the default) created by somekool <[email protected]…>
running the bcfg2 client should not be destructive by default. it could …


19:00 Ticket #639 (New to bcfg2 notes/questions from somekool (at) gmail (dot) com) closed by solj
fixed: These should all be fixed now.
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12:10 Ticket #577 (Extra package should have a sub tag needfor in statistics) closed by solj
fixed: This type of dependency handling can now be done using …
12:04 Ticket #526 (display diff in interactive mode for (currently) empty files) closed by solj
fixed: fixed in [b2857bb34e219f445053366cbfa6f371d0718639] (SVN r5221).
11:30 Ticket #581 (Metadata documentation tweaks) closed by solj
fixed: Replying to [email protected]: > Metadata specification is …
11:29 Ticket #657 (prune attribute unable to remove directories) created by Torsten Rehn <[email protected]…>
When using the prune attribute of Directory, it may try to os.unlink a …
11:21 Ticket #643 (Error/warn on xml dupes) closed by solj
fixed: This should be resolved in [99b7eba28856d43d1c7a70551d0974e4a266e5f0] (SVN …
09:56 Ticket #656 (Run Probes after modifications) created by leggett
I use probes to figure out things such as the installed kernels and …


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Link to the client versions (diff)
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works with 1.0pre2 as well (diff)
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Add table for SSL testing (diff)


07:10 Ticket #655 (Add support for Fossil SCM distributed version control system) created by dclark
(just opening a ticket for myself to track progress on this) * djbclark …


21:19 Ticket #654 (bcfg2-server .deb doesn't include site_media) created by dclark
bcfg2-server .deb (generated from the from-the-tarball build process in …
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Modify prereq goals (diff)
07:20 Ticket #653 (mandatory SQLAlchemy import in Snapshots/__init__.py) closed by desai
fixed: This was actually a bug in bcfg2-admin; the help codepath didn't handle …
07:00 Ticket #652 (Missing Python <2.6 support in Proxy.py) closed by desai
fixed: Committed in [61ae42bb686b3abde33f80591992e3adff0f155c] (SVN r5209). …
06:55 Ticket #653 (mandatory SQLAlchemy import in Snapshots/__init__.py) created by Torsten Rehn <[email protected]…>
[…] Please don't import it in init like this. If I don't care …
06:36 Ticket #652 (Missing Python <2.6 support in Proxy.py) created by Torsten Rehn <[email protected]…>
[…] The timeout argument was added in Python 2.6


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Add a link to the troubleshooting page (diff)
10:45 Ticket #433 (Report system, possible enhancements...) closed by solj
fixed: I think most of these issues are resolved (or will be with Snapshots). A …


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