15:54 Ticket #808 (bcfg2 server using bundle "filename" and not "Bundle name" tag in bundle.) created by https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawmQmn0B7szSWU05XNIWqq49So7cIisAOpI
For some reason I had a bundle where the filename and the bundle name tag …
10:50 Ticket #807 (bcfg2 client "diff report" feature) created by https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawmQmn0B7szSWU05XNIWqq49So7cIisAOpI
At this point in time you can run bcfg2 in a dry run mode which will show …


23:27 Reports/Dynamic/Installation edited by solj
14:12 Ticket #806 (Permit combining Cfg and TGenshi directory trees) created by https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawl4iNtFn_eKyNj3qKUVqrEQGKMW3fi4OVw
It would be nice if the Cfg and TGenshi directory trees could be merged. …


15:47 Ticket #805 (bcfg2-repo-validate too specific with Pkgmgr files) created by lueningh
It looks like bcfg2-repo-validate is too specific when checking Pkgmgr …
10:01 Ticket #535 (Document Mac OS X package) closed by solj
fixed: Documented at Install.
10:00 Install edited by solj


15:15 Ticket #804 (bcfg2-info buildfile fails silently without proper permissions) created by https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawn0pLkL1ngtVGAm3pjho7hWo5kGx2tzfk4
In bcfg2-info, buildfile fails silently if the user running it does not …


17:35 Ticket #803 (Problem on server causes backtrace on client) created by strauss
On client: […]
17:03 Ticket #802 (KeyError for content-length when using SSL client without python-ssl) created by strauss
Here is the unmasked backtrace, along with a pprint of the headers: […]
14:54 Ticket #801 (Packages plugin doesn't initialize properly) created by strauss
Steps to reproduce: * Install bcfg2-server * Enable and configure the …
14:27 Ticket #800 (RPM .spec for bcfg2-server should require python-ssl for RHEL/CentOS 5) created by strauss
Current workaround: install python-ssl manually before using bcfg2-server …


13:34 Ticket #799 (I wish I could specify custom group on the command line) created by somekool <[email protected]…>
there are some packages that must not be installed when I kick a new …


00:26 Ticket #798 (HTML validation errors) created by https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawmgjcCg7lAJ6ZhqeaZka53jw8AUv8fpG2E
There are a number of validation errors and warnings in the report …


17:28 BuildingDebianPackages edited by dclark


15:33 Ticket #797 (Sanity check config file with -C) created by Jack Neely <[email protected]…>
There's a lack of sanity checking if I call bcfg2-server with the -C …
13:03 BuildingDebianPackages edited by dclark
12:02 Ticket #793 (Tracebacks from Displays/Summary and Displays/System) closed by solj
fixed: Fixed in [6028fc0ee909c781633cef620d475ffedb482aca] (SVN r5577).
07:19 BuildingDebianPackages edited by dclark
07:02 BuildingDebianPackages edited by dclark
07:01 BuildingDebianPackages edited by dclark
deps for ssl backport (diff)


23:11 BuildingDebianPackages edited by dclark
Fixes for ssl (diff)
22:54 BuildingDebianPackages edited by dclark
22:49 BuildingDebianPackages edited by dclark
Still need python-ssl backport for bcfg2-server (diff)
22:04 Ticket #791 (Debian packages require really new (7.3.x) debhelper) closed by dclark
fixed: The 2.6.2 problem was due to PEBKAC - nothing to do with the bcfg2 …
17:30 Ticket #796 (Packages APTSource 404 urllib2 traceback) closed by desai
fixed: Committed in [fbe20241d187ac38f2bde7e00b6d71a21b558e99] (SVN r5572). …
17:28 Ticket #794 (Running client in dry-run mode (-n) changes files on RHEL5 when prelink ...) closed by desai
fixed: The fix is committed in [ed532871a4f4fa75d1b9e1c21d7cbfd1f26b97f2] (SVN …
17:03 Ticket #796 (Packages APTSource 404 urllib2 traceback) created by [email protected]
With an entry like this in Packages/config.xml <APTSource> …
14:28 BuildingDebianPackages edited by dclark
Debian backports remove some unneeded deps of sqlalchemy (diff)
13:57 Ticket #795 (more strict checking on group file default=true) created by https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawmQmn0B7szSWU05XNIWqq49So7cIisAOpI
When I first set up bcfg2 a few years ago I didn't really 100% understand …
13:23 BuildingDebianPackages edited by dclark
pebkac :-( (diff)
12:59 BuildingDebianPackages edited by dclark
PPA: Don't build stuff it dist already has a recent enough version (diff)
12:46 BuildingDebianPackages edited by dclark
Avoid / make obvious ppa repo contamination in testing (diff)
08:54 Ticket #794 (Running client in dry-run mode (-n) changes files on RHEL5 when prelink ...) created by Jonathan Billings <[email protected]…>
When the prelink package is installed on a RHEL5.3 host, and I run bcfg2 …


17:20 Ticket #793 (Tracebacks from Displays/Summary and Displays/System) created by https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawmgjcCg7lAJ6ZhqeaZka53jw8AUv8fpG2E
On Gentoo, with bcfg2 trunk and Django 1.1.1 I get the following traceback …
14:57 AudioVideo edited by dclark
Add 2 Bcfg2-related USENIX Lisa 2009 BoF Videos (diff)


11:34 Ticket #790 (Service detection wrong on Gentoo) closed by solj
fixed: Fixed in [7d01a029a358d6e8a0e8a16636b77282ce8f1b83] (SVN r5558). Thanks …
09:17 Ticket #792 (bcfg2.org website timing out.) created by https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawnKZ5t2yhYKcu6mxXv7NojbJUyqRq6MDlc
Just letting you know that www.bcfg2.org is currently timing out. Might be …
08:39 Ticket #791 (Debian packages require really new (7.3.x) debhelper) created by dclark
This is bad as it would make packaging o nanything earlier than jaunty …


21:08 Ticket #789 (/etc/defaults oddness) closed by desai
fixed: Fixed in [1e333e6098de13e937ed7dd36c2423daeb5e27d8] (SVN r5556)
18:52 Ticket #790 (Service detection wrong on Gentoo) created by https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawmgjcCg7lAJ6ZhqeaZka53jw8AUv8fpG2E
So service detection is not quite correct on Gentoo -- one part of it …
12:11 Download edited by solj
12:10 Download edited by solj
add gpg links (diff)
11:32 Download edited by solj
11:32 Download edited by solj
10:27 Ticket #789 (/etc/defaults oddness) created by lueningh
After building an RPM of the bcfg 1.0.0 source and installing it on a …
09:37 VimSnippetSupport created by solj
08:58 Ticket #788 (Debian packaging: bcfg2 server: need README.Debian) created by dclark
08:58 Ticket #787 (Debian packaging: bcfg2 client: need README.Debian) created by dclark
08:56 Ticket #786 (Debian packaging should make bcfg2-server usable after initial install) created by dclark
Probably easiest method: (a) Make bcfg2-admin init work in a …
08:37 EncapHowto edited by dclark
08:37 EncapInstall edited by dclark
08:37 EncapPlatforms edited by dclark
08:34 EncapReadme edited by dclark
08:34 EncapPackages edited by dclark
07:41 Ticket #785 (Lock out clients from the server.) created by https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawmQmn0B7szSWU05XNIWqq49So7cIisAOpI
It would be good to be able to via a flag "lockout=True/False?" on the …


19:42 BuildingDebianPackages edited by dclark
18:22 BuildingDebianPackages edited by dclark
More deps of sqlalchemy on hardy and intrepid (diff)
18:12 BuildingDebianPackages edited by dclark
Remove dapper for now from PPA (diff)
17:58 BuildingDebianPackages edited by dclark
17:51 BuildingDebianPackages edited by dclark
Move to debhelper that will hopefully work with older ubuntu; debhelper … (diff)
17:43 Milestone Bcfg2 1.0.0 Release completed
16:34 BuildingDebianPackages edited by dclark
16:20 BuildingDebianPackages edited by dclark
14:41 BuildingDebianPackages edited by dclark
On mailing list decided to just use python-m2crypto for python 2.5 and … (diff)
11:15 Ticket #784 (Defining an object more than once does not result in an error or warning) created by https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawlmQQXfSG8MiJbq8L5pwwSZpPJqtMfKtG8
I'm running wgen-bcfg2-1.0pre5-1 on CentOS. By mistake, I defined a …
09:43 Ticket #783 (Extend the VCS plugins to support commits) created by strauss
Our VCS plugins should support commits so that BCFG2 can run a commit when …
09:31 Ticket #782 (Fossil SCM plugin improvements) created by dclark
To mirror Bzr improvements in r5537 r5539 r5540 r5541
09:02 Download edited by solj
08:58 Download edited by solj
08:32 Download edited by lueningh
08:31 Download edited by lueningh
08:05 Ticket #778 (Another Snapshots bug) closed by desai
fixed: Yeah, this looks like a correct fix.
06:50 Ticket #779 (Asking Snapshots for bad entries without specifying a hostname results in ...) closed by desai
fixed: Fixed in [d8918ee23116b992db0f5aaf0275b5fd3c5c32f8] (SVN r5542)
05:27 Ticket #781 (Allow VCS plugins to provide a configuration tree) created by strauss
Currently, a BCFG2 repository can have uncommitted changes that get …
03:34 Ticket #780 (Snapshots hangs when writing an entry and stops recording data until a ...) created by strauss
Current workaround is to disable VCS plugins when using Snapshots. …
01:56 Ticket #779 (Asking Snapshots for bad entries without specifying a hostname results in ...) created by strauss
01:11 Ticket #778 (Another Snapshots bug) created by strauss


22:51 Ticket #777 (bcfg2-admin init won't overwrite /etc/bcfg2.conf) closed by desai
fixed: Committed in [4b866e4d510f83404425a5ffad3b6149627b273a] (SVN r5528). …
16:44 Ticket #777 (bcfg2-admin init won't overwrite /etc/bcfg2.conf) created by lueningh
If /etc/bcfg2.conf already exists, it refuses to overwrite the file with …
10:56 Download edited by solj
08:14 Ticket #753 (Metadata/groups.xml to support multiple group level) reopened by somekool <[email protected]…>
i think you miss understand my request. I am very much missing this …


19:37 Ticket #776 (BoundPermissions does not seems to work) closed by desai
fixed: I've verified that this works properly with 1.0.0rc2
15:43 Ticket #776 (BoundPermissions does not seems to work) created by somekool <[email protected]…>
I am still using 0.9.6 and I just realized I have some permission that are …


18:34 Ticket #775 (BundleUpdated failure for launchd client plugin) closed by kisielk
invalid: Sorry for this. Turns out one of our other admins had two versions of …
17:21 Ticket #775 (BundleUpdated failure for launchd client plugin) created by kisielk
Running rc1 on a Mac OS X client: […]


16:07 Ticket #774 (Debian packaging: please use proper package version to allow upgrades to ...) closed by desai
fixed: This will be fixed in rc2.
16:06 Ticket #771 (Add SSL CA options to bcfg2.conf manpage) closed by desai
fixed: Fixed in [9a251821f37f896c1b62fed6c6e5fea364599f0e] (SVN r5518)
09:46 Ticket #765 (YUMng __init__ fails to properly set up repo when base system is RHEL5 ...) closed by desai
fixed: Fixed in [c07c12e5311ae21c4d28bab11b846f71b47f64d7] (SVN r5517). This will …
07:04 Ticket #774 (Debian packaging: please use proper package version to allow upgrades to ...) created by Nicolas Dandrimont <[email protected]…>
Hi, Right now, in the Debian packaging, the version number is …
00:27 BuildingDebianPackages edited by dclark
PPA section is done, but not tested yet as building on launchpad seems to … (diff)
00:11 BuildingDebianPackages edited by dclark
Just bcfg2 itself left for PPA (diff)


23:47 BuildingDebianPackages edited by dclark
Only 3 left to go… (diff)
21:49 BuildingDebianPackages edited by dclark
21:12 Ticket #772 (ConfigFile comparision not working for files containing non-ascii ...) closed by desai
fixed: Committed in r5514. Thanks for the patch.
21:11 BuildingDebianPackages edited by dclark
21:09 BuildingDebianPackages edited by dclark
21:08 BuildingDebianPackages edited by dclark
21:03 BuildingDebianPackages edited by dclark
reorg, add comprehensive dput file (diff)
20:56 BuildingDebianPackages edited by dclark
20:55 BuildingDebianPackages edited by dclark
20:47 Ticket #635 (Set up InterTrac with Free Software Foundation trac instances) closed by dclark
20:43 BuildingDebianPackages edited by dclark
20:36 BuildingDebianPackages edited by dclark
20:26 BuildingDebianPackages edited by dclark
Reorg in prep for more doc (diff)
11:03 Ticket #773 (apt tool paths hard-coded in APT.py) created by [email protected]
I would suggest the following configuration options: …


19:46 Ticket #772 (ConfigFile comparision not working for files containing non-ascii ...) created by Nicolas Dandrimont <[email protected]…>
The POSIX ConfigFile? comparision is broken when the local file contains …
10:21 Ticket #771 (Add SSL CA options to bcfg2.conf manpage) created by solj
Currently have to look for the options in Options.py


14:27 Ticket #770 (Snapshots plugin not compatible with postgres) created by davisj <[email protected]…>
Using bcfg2-server 1.0 rc1 with postgresql 8.3 - initializing the …
13:47 Ticket #764 (bcfg2 client YUMng will no longer install missing packages.) closed by desai
07:45 Ticket #769 (AttributeError: error instance has no attribute 'errno') closed by desai
fixed: Fixed in [07632503acd1f1cb8354f43be2d73a64e5b3c2b6] (SVN r5508)
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