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Update for 1.0.0 (diff)
15:53 Ticket #821 (debian packaging: apt is confused if python2.5 isn't already installed (I ...) created by dclark
13:49 Ticket #820 (Extend NagiosGen Properties file to allow defining custom service checks.) created by https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawmQmn0B7szSWU05XNIWqq49So7cIisAOpI
I need a way to have NagiosGen? allow me to define a one off service check …


14:06 Ticket #818 (Test r5624) closed by dclark
fixed: Tested with many initial states, the package now seems to do or prompt for …


15:44 Ticket #819 (bcfg2 client logging timestamp) created by Bruce Bush <[email protected]…>
When the [logging] path option is set in bcfg2.conf, the log that is …
14:18 Ticket #692 (APT client tool not purging packages properly) reopened by dclark
lucid has python-apt - what version of ubuntu did this …
13:30 Ticket #792 (bcfg2.org website timing out.) closed by solj


11:24 Ticket #692 (APT client tool not purging packages properly) closed by solj
worksforme: Indeed, this was a problem with python-apt. This appears to be working …


11:35 Ticket #817 (bcfg2-server -o doesn't log to a file) closed by solj
fixed: This should be resolved by [d1c1b507251af414cd17c84df60131e80ce80439] (SVN …
09:57 Ticket #803 (Problem on server causes backtrace on client) closed by desai
fixed: This should be fixed in [b43699d1f4e38446688dc626743cb4495421ed6f] (SVN …


13:01 Ticket #798 (HTML validation errors) closed by solj
fixed: Committed in [b1eef95d3d00595afc53ac0f56c6627cf04fb2c8] (SVN r5625). …


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10:17 Ticket #818 (Test r5624) created by dclark
Test r5624 - not 100% sure that's valid debian control syntax (same thing …


05:48 Ticket #817 (bcfg2-server -o doesn't log to a file) created by [email protected]
The -o parameter of bcfg2-server has no effect. The Problem seems to be …
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Added unofficial debian packages (diff)


12:07 Ticket #816 (Add upstart client tool driver for ubuntu) created by solj
Lucid makes use of the upstart 'service' command as opposed to using the …
09:40 Ticket #815 (Add Ldap plugin) created by https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawmAKncTPlNx89GjuQyu9LtzyN37kpWeSCw
What would be the best format to write docs? I love the idea of using rst …


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Anchor links were not working with previous title (diff)
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Added trisquel and gnewsense (diff)
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Fix formatting and ordering of ubuntu packages (diff)
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Added stable ubuntu packages (diff)
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Realized alphabetical sort =) (diff)
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Remove my mirror, at least until I get a chance to fix it. (diff)
15:24 SitesUsingBcfg2 edited by https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawnKZ5t2yhYKcu6mxXv7NojbJUyqRq6MDlc
12:27 Ticket #814 (FreeBSDInit tool is wrong) created by https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawktb0W1X-EntByaBYzI-FzbnjZsXnqwawM
The class …


14:27 Ticket #813 (group tags in genshi bundles) created by Martin Schwier <[email protected]…>
I just migrated to bcfg2 1.0 and noticed that I can't use group tags in …
09:15 Ticket #812 (BoundPackage version=foo-bar instead of version=foo release=bar) closed by solj


11:25 Ticket #810 (1.0 client fails ssl CN check) closed by desai
fixed: The traceback is resolved in [7d803fd552feeeac071848aef58b2314276ab21f]
11:24 Ticket #811 (1.0 server ignores some Ignores) closed by desai
fixed: Fixed in [ebdbc22d327a6c33794a0b62745bbbcb6893f943] (SVN r5617)
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Added some needed sudos (diff)


12:11 Ticket #812 (BoundPackage version=foo-bar instead of version=foo release=bar) created by https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawkSsFd6lqQkgZsyjbW-povvFQdV1OAQFVw
a BoundPackage? with attributes version=foo release=bar will cause a …


16:27 Ticket #811 (1.0 server ignores some Ignores) created by lueningh
When running an 0.9.6 client against my 1.0 server, it honors the Ignore …
16:23 Ticket #810 (1.0 client fails ssl CN check) created by lueningh
In my client bcfg2.conf file, I specify the server using its IP address. …
15:32 Ticket #800 (RPM .spec for bcfg2-server should require python-ssl for RHEL/CentOS 5) closed by solj
fixed: This should be resolved in [73202db8cebfa695b63ec84cfb08e0c7b1485db0] (SVN …
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Fixed spereate python-ssl build instructions (diff)
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Added info on Bcfg2 PPA testing repos (diff)
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Updates; think this is a "gold" version for testing, before fixing … (diff)
03:45 Ticket #809 (Try to get python-ssl backport upstream) created by dclark
There is a backport of python-ssl under …
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prep for non-stdeb testing of python-ssl… (diff)
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