14:43 Ticket #884 (Traceback with Path tag in Rules Plugin) created by Jack Neely <[email protected]…>
I'm setting up some directories with the Path tag and getting tracebacks. …
14:33 Ticket #883 (Package tag arguments fails repo verification) created by Jack Neely <[email protected]…>
I have the following inside a Bundle: […] That information gets past …


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16:30 Ticket #882 (DBStats: store modify_time for each configfile entry in database at each ...) created by somekool <[email protected]…>
this should probably go in reports_reason please add a field with last …
14:03 Ticket #881 (cannot buildfile for configfile entry with altsrc) created by somekool <[email protected]…>
i am sorry if this has been fixed already in 1.x but it seems like …
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15:31 Ticket #880 (GPG Keys with YUMng and Packages) created by Jack Neely <[email protected]…>
Being that I'm doing everything with the YUMng and Packages toolage I …


15:01 Ticket #879 (Implement 'reinstall' functionality for YUMng) created by solj
The note at …
12:35 Ticket #859 (support priority for action) closed by solj
duplicate: This is pretty much a duplicate of Ticket #837.
11:41 Milestone Bcfg2 1.0.x Doc completed
11:40 Ticket #610 (bcfg2-info doc sync) closed by solj
fixed: Added in [daf6eb01a78d5309d21c7ca223bd17b847ccc074] (SVN r5854). Thanks …


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15:00 Ticket #874 (Ignore tag doesn't verify) closed by solj
fixed: Added new mechanism for specifying Paths that should be ignored in your …


11:48 Ticket #666 (General 1.0 doc updates) closed by solj
11:47 Ticket #395 (Documentation Topics) closed by solj
11:31 Ticket #878 (Upstart service status with no output produces traceback) closed by solj
fixed: Added fix in [258025085e8d4a0e4129bf1d2dd36ed7ac8786b2] (SVN r5847).


11:20 Ticket #878 (Upstart service status with no output produces traceback) created by Joe Digilio <[email protected]…>
On Ubuntu 10.04 (with bcfg2-1.1.0-0.1rc1), I get the following traceback …


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15:07 Ticket #875 (Useless traceback in syslog for incorrect Pkgmgr with Packages) closed by solj
fixed: This should be resolved in [5839].


08:31 Ticket #795 (more strict checking on group file default=true) closed by solj
fixed: Warning added in [5831].


15:18 Ticket #863 (bcfg 1.0.1 version rpm builds but fails to install) closed by solj
fixed: Quickstart guide has been updated for CentOS.
14:52 Ticket #877 (bcfg2 uses invalid syntax on yum command line) created by hunter
The following extra package instances will be removed by the '-r' option: …
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17:22 Ticket #876 (YUMng throws exception on RHEL4) created by davisj <[email protected]…>
With yum 2.4.3 on a rhel4 client, python 2.3. YUMng throws the following …


10:52 Ticket #875 (Useless traceback in syslog for incorrect Pkgmgr with Packages) created by https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawlzX5Tg6BOlMOP5kAO1OAM4dDKQLSCopiU
I followed the BCFG2 Ubuntu from scratch tutorial found here at …
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