17:21 Ticket #898 (bad interaction between Lucid plymouth and bcfg2-server-1.1.0-rc3) created by https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawmSAqcanZjC_zUMz6-24nRYFLJWSQtV0vw
Since rc3, we've seen this bug when restarting a lucid server that runs …


10:46 Ticket #896 (Add <RawURL>...</RawURL> support to APTSource) closed by solj
fixed: Added in [eae6b6c8932496b374170e990a756ad1d4ac925c] (SVN r5958). Thanks …


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16:42 Ticket #897 (Create Safe Extension in TGenshi for Includes) created by rcuza
As a user, I want to put include files in the same place as my …
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17:18 Ticket #896 (Add <RawURL>...</RawURL> support to APTSource) created by Remi Broemeling <[email protected]…>
APTSource doesn't support <RawURL></RawURL> syntax (YUMSource does).
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13:45 Ticket #895 (NameError: name 'plist' is not defined traceback in bcfg2-repo-validate) closed by solj
fixed: Copy/paste error. Fixed in [f01e2be4a5640313f41c0ed7ee187564d9bb5940] (SVN …
13:24 Ticket #895 (NameError: name 'plist' is not defined traceback in bcfg2-repo-validate) created by Remi Broemeling <[email protected]…>
11:14 Ticket #894 (duplicate <Package ... > elements in Bundler/ and Rules/ cause problems) closed by desai
fixed: This is actually a weird sort of issue. We want to be able to support the …


16:14 Ticket #894 (duplicate <Package ... > elements in Bundler/ and Rules/ cause problems) created by Remi Broemeling <[email protected]…>
I encountered this when setting up memcached to be installed through …
09:27 Ticket #884 (Traceback with Path tag in Rules Plugin) closed by solj
fixed: [ce8ed0ecbb9fa3cbb9404c23025a81ba375c959c] (SVN r5940) fixes the …
08:50 Ticket #893 (bcfg2 wipes permissions on incomplete <Path ... > rule) closed by solj
fixed: Resolved in [c19c638a5cc23f1166eb21fa3814e0d53d563d23] (SVN r5939).
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16:28 Ticket #893 (bcfg2 wipes permissions on incomplete <Path ... > rule) created by Remi Broemeling <[email protected]…>
When bcfg2 is given an incomplete Path (type="permissions") Rule (one …


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14:22 Ticket #709 (1.1.0 doesn't shutdown when you ^C from a non-daemonized bcfg2-server ...) closed by laszlo
fixed: Resolved again in revision [ab3452d3bebd31eba32bb831f7bae8de0467631e] (SVN …
10:03 Ticket #892 (Make "generalised" symlink rules.) created by [email protected]
Allow some form of pattern matching in symlink rules to allow a single …
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08:57 Ticket #709 (1.1.0 doesn't shutdown when you ^C from a non-daemonized bcfg2-server ...) reopened by solj
Looks like this is still happening as of 1.1.0rc2 on lucid (need to check …


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11:44 Ticket #891 (bcfg2-repo-validate -v does not recognize genshi bundles) closed by solj
fixed: This issue has been addressed in …
08:00 Ticket #891 (bcfg2-repo-validate -v does not recognize genshi bundles) created by Bruce Bush <[email protected]…>
Using bcfg2 1.0.1 : 'bcfg2-repo-validate -v' reports that genshi bundles …


20:22 Ticket #890 (Packages Plugin does not support alternative package naming conventions) created by https://launchpad.net/~aaronlevy
Packages from the IUSCommunity repo (http://www.iuscommunity.org) follow a …
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