16:52 Ticket #718 (bcfg2 should use the Packages/config.xml as the basis for configuring ...) closed by laszlo
fixed: Resolved in r5996. The packages plugin is now a Connector and can be used …
14:44 Ticket #904 (Probes using the filenaming system, leads to difficult metadata) created by https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawmJaCRni5uBlI_DViELXibWTZsQeeMoEIo
When attempting to name a file like […] in order to only have it …


03:15 Ticket #903 (Reload blacklist/whitelist without downloading packages) created by Richard Connon <[email protected]…>
At the moment you have to do Packages.Refresh to reload black/whitelist, …


10:33 Ticket #902 (Allow whitelist mode for repos in Packages.) closed by laszlo
fixed: Applied in r5988


08:42 Ticket #902 (Allow whitelist mode for repos in Packages.) created by [email protected]
Some repos like debian backports are designed to be used selectively so a …


13:05 Ticket #901 (bcfg2-info doesn't (completely) honor -C flag) created by https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawnSjgovXZr-_V3vGkvMSR0pc5LDykRc1Nc
When giving bcfg2-info the -C flag to use an alternate config file, it …
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16:38 Ticket #900 (RPM build error) created by fabaff
With the source tarball for the RC4 the RPM build process for Fedora …


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16:35 Ticket #899 (bcfg2 interactive mode is not interruptable) closed by solj
fixed: This should be fixed as of [721767ff12fd1a3c04afa5cfee6cc9d89937952f] (SVN …
16:01 Ticket #899 (bcfg2 interactive mode is not interruptable) created by https://me.yahoo.com/a/JPaKpKUWk5SVReSrUG15hUOa7MhzKiFXsVeGeA--#cf382
In bcfg2 1.0.1, running bcfg -I can't be ctrl-c'd. Instead it throws …
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