10:14 Ticket #962 (SSLCA plugin should be able to generate certs in multiple formats) created by gdhagger
Currently the SSLCA plugin can only generate x509 PEM format certificates. …
10:12 Ticket #961 (SSLCA plugin should check for CA certificate expiry) created by gdhagger
Need to add checking/handling for when the CA certificate has expired. …
10:07 Ticket #960 (SSLCA plugin needs better error handling.) created by gdhagger
Need to add error handling for missing openssl binary. Also should add …
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16:01 Ticket #959 (YUMng ignores verify_flags) closed by solj
fixed: Jack added this in [53a383ab2afcbcac748b5387cbfb786feb5f7acf]. Thanks for …


10:32 Ticket #959 (YUMng ignores verify_flags) created by Joe Digilio <[email protected]…>
Currently, YUMng ignores verify_flags. I would like to use something like …


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17:04 Ticket #622 (Missing configuration files do not get installed) closed by solj
fixed: This functionality has been added in …
17:02 Ticket #957 (Please document the time_zone config option.) closed by solj
10:36 Ticket #958 (Paranoid mode has different defaults depending on existance of info.xml) created by https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawnSjgovXZr-_V3vGkvMSR0pc5LDykRc1Nc
I have the following setting in my server-side bcfg2.conf: [mdata] …


03:57 Ticket #957 (Please document the time_zone config option.) created by m4z <[email protected]…>
On bcfg2-server 1.1.0, when I use -o, I get: […] (The log entry …


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14:12 Ticket #561 (Create bcfg2-reports RPM) closed by laszlo
fixed: Created bcfg2-web rpm and deb packages in commit …


18:26 Ticket #941 (Incomplete information for entry Package:gpg-pubkey; cannot verify) closed by solj


16:28 Ticket #956 (Yum traceback with gpg keys) created by jjneely
[…] Found by hunter.
15:54 Ticket #955 (Yum tracebacks) created by Jack Neely <[email protected]…>
[…] Some additional Yum errors we need to catch


10:07 Ticket #954 (web_debug = true in bcfg2.conf causes memory over usage) created by https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawkfar6gGD3PuUixQdEZQyRr2mpowLW1A70
When running tests using guppy. Adding this into bcfg2 code somewhere: …


14:05 Ticket #912 (bcfg2-admin pull tracebacks and sparse documentation) closed by solj
worksforme: It looks like this is fixed in trunk: […]


03:03 Ticket #953 (Outdated example files) created by m4z <[email protected]…>
I guess this is old, misleading to new users, and could be deleted: …
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