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20:41 Ticket #974 (bcfg2-admin generates the ssl cert for somewhere in the US) created by https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawkd8FLF_7XFTSGwn0xWG4giAVE6U1QOaPU
Hi, It would be great if bcfg2-admin init could be made to prompt for …


17:10 Ticket #973 (Fix for incorrect dependency generation in Packages.py) created by Jeramey Crawford <[email protected]…>
I found a small bug in how Python's sets are used to generate package …


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10:49 Ticket #972 (1.1.1 client causes an "install loop" on packages which are already ...) created by https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawmQmn0B7szSWU05XNIWqq49So7cIisAOpI
[[email protected]… chris]# rpm -q bcfg2 bcfg2-1.1.1-0.1.noarch built …


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18:22 Ticket #971 (TGenshi plugin not binding on altsrced entry) closed by solj
invalid: Closing this for now. It'd be nice to know why you aren't getting the …
10:14 Ticket #971 (TGenshi plugin not binding on altsrced entry) created by http://jazzslider.myopenid.com/
Given the following abstract Path entry: […] And the following …


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13:45 Ticket #970 (ssl traceback; bcfg2-server process wedged) created by Jim Rowan <[email protected]…>
My bcfg2-server process has hung again. strace says it's stuck in a …


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21:59 Ticket #969 (bcfg2-admin query doesn't get correct group membership) closed by desai
fixed: This is resolved in [71bb583ac04ff1c52e03d69a91bbb508783566f8]
21:17 Ticket #969 (bcfg2-admin query doesn't get correct group membership) created by Jim Rowan <[email protected]…>
bcfg2-admin query g=ubuntu isn't listing all the members of the group …
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