12:34 Ticket #1000 (Upstart services cannot be enabled/disabled) created by Joe Digilio <[email protected]…>
Enabling/disabling an upstart service at boot time is currently not …


14:57 SitesUsingBcfg2 edited by fabaff
added link to mailing list (diff)
14:44 SitesUsingBcfg2 edited by fabaff
Removed FSF as wished by Brett Smith (diff)
14:05 Ticket #999 (Support for diffs of UTF-8 encoded files) created by https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawlJa6QJcUnwqaUiOAgop4U4wANp_y0hDu4
It would be great if the bcfg2-client could print the differences of UTF-8 …


10:12 Ticket #997 (bcfg2-ping-sweep has no documentation) closed by solj
fixed: A man page has been added in 9f6bc110ab59108d24cb71bc3d866f44cc0248c6.
08:25 Ticket #998 (Reloading services on Debian systems) closed by solj
invalid: This is a very old bug. The 'restart' attribute is just the default, it …
07:17 Ticket #998 (Reloading services on Debian systems) created by Arto Jantunen <[email protected]…>
Currently on a Debian system the bcfg2 client reloads a service by calling …
07:03 Ticket #997 (bcfg2-ping-sweep has no documentation) created by Arto Jantunen <[email protected]…>
The bcfg2-ping-sweep command appears to lack documentation, it does not …


17:30 Ticket #996 (Packages high memory usage) created by https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawml9FLAlJIPpclq6kl9_xqDnOqthAW9VF4
When starting up bcfg2-server, it uses 2G+ of memory within 30 seconds, …


10:14 Ticket #993 (Traceback on ConfigFile with unicode char in it) closed by solj
fixed: This traceback is fixed in 3c290811195e23c9a948ac15c304b34ea16fbe9b.


12:19 Ticket #995 (Better handling of backup files in paranoid mode) closed by solj
fixed: Patch applied in 1d17b980a15a2fd138ad746d51e148befa26faa0. Thanks!
11:51 Ticket #995 (Better handling of backup files in paranoid mode) created by https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawkfHvWdYf7g8kSZA32s7dhK0Xig9JKo_CA
1. Client removes only one excess backup copy at every configfile change, …
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