21:58 Ticket #785 (Lock out clients from the server.) closed by solj
invalid: It seems as though something similar can be accomplished via …
21:55 Ticket #936 (SSL authentication for floating clients without reverse DNS mapping (or ...) closed by solj
21:54 Ticket #1066 (bcfg2 insists on updating held packages) closed by solj
21:52 Ticket #1140 (UnicodeDecodeError in Logger.py) closed by solj
21:51 Ticket #962 (SSLCA plugin should be able to generate certs in multiple formats) closed by solj
duplicate: Created new ticket in github: https://github.com/Bcfg2/bcfg2/issues/316
21:49 Ticket #1126 (When specifying a wrong CA, no useful error messages are generated) closed by solj
21:46 Ticket #638 (Conider exposing some bcfg2 functionality via a fuse filesystem) closed by solj
21:45 Ticket #1055 (Remove configuration elements (-r) generates a python traceback) closed by solj
21:44 Ticket #865 (Multiple versions per package) closed by solj
duplicate: Opened new issue in github: https://github.com/Bcfg2/bcfg2/issues/315
21:42 Ticket #1151 (Please add support version="auto" to Portage) closed by solj
duplicate: Created ticket in github: https://github.com/Bcfg2/bcfg2/issues/314
21:39 Ticket #1019 (Using client cert authentication only requires the use of a "user" and ...) closed by solj
duplicate: Duplicate (somewhat) of #905.
21:38 Ticket #989 (Package verification failures are recording wrong error) closed by solj
duplicate: Created new ticket in github: https://github.com/Bcfg2/bcfg2/issues/313
20:40 Ticket #905 (Allow to disable any form of text password, whatever happens) closed by solj
duplicate: Closing this ticket. Opened another on github to track this issue. …
20:36 Ticket #543 (Need new APT driver for Nexenta apt-clone) closed by solj
wontfix: Closing this for now. Please reopen on github if this is still an issue.
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