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ntp example

Here is a series of example configurations for bcfg2, each introducing another layer of functionality.

  • After each change, run 'bcfg-repo-validate -v'.
  • Run the server with 'bcfg2-server -v'.
  • Update the client with 'bcfg2 -v -d -n'. (will not actually make client changes)

package only

Our example starts with the bare minimum configuration setup. We have a client, a profile group, a list of packages, and a base configuration.

 # cat Metadata/clients.xml 
 <Clients version='3.0'>
 <Client profile='fedora' pingable='N' pingtime='0' name=''/>

 # cat Metadata/groups.xml 
 <Groups version='3.0'>
 <Group profile='true' name='fedora' toolset='rh'/>

 # cat Base/base.xml 
 <Package name='ntp'/>

 # cat Pkgmgr/packages.xml
 <PackageList type='rpm' priority='0'>
 <Package name='ntp' version='4.2.0.a.20050816-11.FC5'/>

add service

Configure the service, and add it to the base.

 # cat Svcmgr/services.xml 
 <Services priority='0'>
 <Service name='ntpd' status='on'/>

 # cat Base/base.xml 
 <Package name='ntp'/>
 <Service name='ntpd'/>

add config file

Setup an etc directory structure, and add it to the base.

 # cat Cfg/etc/ntp.conf/ntp.conf 

 # cat Base/base.xml 
 <Package name='ntp'/>
 <Service name='ntpd'/>
 <ConfigFile name='/etc/ntp.conf'/>