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Bcfg2 Audio and Video


2009-08-13 Audio 52m25s - RCE 15: Bcfg2 with Narayan Desai and Cory Lueninghoener

Brock Palen and Jeff Squyres speak with Narayan Desai and Cory Lueninghoener of Argonne National Laboratory, about BCFG2

2009-07-06 Video 1m33s - Setting up 26 Linux machines at once with Bcfg2

We're setting up 26 machines using PXE booting and an internal Bcfg2 configuration system. We're routing all the machines through just 3 hubs. System deployment with style right here folks. By superkpt.

2009-06-18 Video - Open Source Bridge: Configuration Management Panel Session with Narayan Desai

Here are the members of the configuration management panel (from left to right):

  • Igal Koshevoy for AutomateIt
  • Brendan Strejcek for Cfengine
  • Luke Kanies from Reductive Labs for Puppet
  • Narayan Desai from Argonne National Laboratories for Bcfg2
  • Adam Jacob from Opscode for Chef

2009-02-12 Video 48m42s - ChiPy: William Scullin on Bcfg2

Chicago Python Group - Tech Talks series - recorded by Carl Karsten

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Suggested locations for audio

  • Link to the original site of posting
  • Convert to ogg and speex formats and post all formats here
  • Anyone know of any good audio sharing sites that support Ogg Vorbis?

Suggested locations for video content

  • Link to the original site of posting
  • TinyVid Converts and allows upload of Ogg Theora (HTML5) video files, and makes it easy to download the whole file in addition to watching a stream on the site.
  • VideoBin is another Ogg Theora friendly site, and is great if you want to embed video in your own page. Also, the code is available.