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=Code sprint - 2011-01-22=

when: January 22, 2011 10AM CST-4PM CST (when is this in my time zone?)
where: #bcfg2 on freenode


  • Go through documentation and verify that everything is up to date (this will fix at least #963 and maybe #952, #947 and #919)
  • Try and get rid of the older tickets in Trac
  • Figure out how to properly add the python-ssl dependency in misc/bcfg2.spec (not working at all on CentOS4)


  • #823 - Support SSH debian urls in packages plugin
  • #948 - TGenshi template = None
  • #958 - Paranoid mode has different defaults depending on existance of info.xml
  • #965 - Services with rules that specify "mode='manual'" are being modified

per-user items (so we don't duplicate effort)


  • Setup VPS as mirror
  • Setup VPS with a published, working Bcfg2 repository (depends on mirror above)


  • learning mode for Cfg