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Upcoming sprints

when: Saturday October 24, 2009 10AM CST-4PM CST (when is this in my time zone?)
where: #bcfg2 on freenode, ANL



  • Create RPMs/debs for Debian/Redhat/Ubuntu?/etc for _all_ necessary prereqs in 1.0
  • Clean up CentOS/Suse spec files
  • update Solaris packaging tech

Documentation Updates

  • 0.9.6 to 1.0 complete migration guide
  • Elaborate a little more on new SSL authentication options
  • bcfg2-info docs and possibly indepth howto for developers
  • migrate some of the user documentation over to
  • how-to for using bcfg2-info to debug
  • Ohai plugin usage and examples


  • Packages support for zypper
  • Packages support for opensolaris IPS
  • Improve plugin loading mechanism (to make out of tree plugins easy)
    • Maybe also improve plugin running mechanism (to enable user to control run order of plugins, run certain files that use a plugin before another plugin but others after it, etc - plausible use cases: template clients.xml and have it update before anything else runs; run the same probe before and after an action that verifies appropriate change was made by that action)
  • Snapshots web interface
  • Get old reporting system working with django 1.0 (fix resolvers issue)


  • #645 (default attributes for Package elements)
  • #665 (Update on-wiki man pages for Bcfg2 1.0)


  • Ohai plugin
  • showclient updates
  • Better GroupPattern? example
  • #690 (paranoid mode enhancements)
  • bcfg2-info - implement new showclient that properly displays connector additional data
  • #682 (clearer SSL error messages)
  • #683 (graphviz on CentOS)
  • #686 (SSHBase traceback)
  • #644 (generate user-friendly xml when server edits clients.xml)

Future sprint ideas

  • Do a pure user doc book sprint - the the Book Sprints book talks about how to go about running an "extreme book sprint" where a book is completed in around a week (the Command Line Intro book was mostly done in a weekend).