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Upcoming sprints

when: March 13, 2010 10AM CST-4PM CST (when is this in my time zone?)
where: #bcfg2 on freenode, ANL


It will be useful to keep in mind the following minimum Python versions when using built-in python modules:

Client: python 2.3
Server: python 2.4

Documentation Updates

In general, we should try and flesh out the sphinx docs as much as possible. A good start would be getting all the unsorted documents transferred over to sphinx.

Other things that are still needed:


  • SSL CA plugin (maybe come up with a design specification?)
  • Mode similar to Chef's solo mode (
  • Document Hostbase? plugin and determine if it works with the latest django
  • Services: add ability to specify custom restart attribute in 'supervised' mode (make sure process is running and don't restart if it is)


  • #733 - Packages support for modifying auto update
  • #710 - Output multiple variables from a single probe
  • #770 - Fix snapshots postgres compatibility
  • #754 - plugin for checking out code from some sort of VCS

per-user items (so we don't duplicate effort)


  • Add support for per-plugin info/info.xml files
  • #816 - Upstart script for lucid (+ client tool if needed)
  • #773 - Allow for APT client tool customization


Future sprint ideas

  • Do a pure user doc book sprint - the the Book Sprints book talks about how to go about running an "extreme book sprint" where a book is completed in around a week (the Command Line Intro book was mostly done in a weekend).