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Contributing to Bcfg2

There are several ways users can contribute to the Bcfg2 project.

  • Developing code
  • Testing prereleases
  • Improving the wiki


Send patches to the bcfg mailing list. In order to be considered for mainline inclusion, patches need to be BSD licensed. The most convenient way to prepare patches is by using svn diff inside of a source tree checked out of subversion. The source tree can be checked out by running:

$ svn co

Users wishing to contribute on a regular basis can apply for direct subversion access. Mail the mailing list for details.

Several resources for developers exist in the wiki:

Testing Prereleases

Before each release, several prereleases will be tagged. It is helpful to have users test these releases (when feasible) because it is hard to replicate the full range of potential reconfiguration situations; between different operating systems, system management tools, and configuration specification variation, there can be large differences between sites.

Improving the wiki

Mail the mailing list for an account on the wiki.