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A large number of people have contributed to Bcfg2.

  • Narayan Desai - wrote and designed much of the bcfg1/2
  • Andrew Lusk - early development and hardening
  • Brian Pellin - early development and hardening
  • Rick Bradshaw
  • Cory Lueninghoener - Bugfixes and change management code
  • Scott Matott
  • Ti Leggett - ebuild packaging and bugfixes, RPM packaging
  • Joey Hagedorn - MacOSX support in bcfg1, and both versions of the reporting system
  • Zach Lowry - Solaris support and general hardening
  • Jos Catnook - Bugfixes
  • Jason Pepas - Package manager source generation scripts
  • Patrick Ruchstahl - Templating bugfixes
  • Chris Vuletich - statistics annotations and client features
  • Ken Raffenetti - Hostbase
  • Sami Haahtinen - Debian Packaging
  • Danny Clark - Encap Packaging
  • Michael Jinks - Gentoo support
  • David Dahl - Hostbase
  • Pedro Flores - Reporting system design help

The entire MCS systems team has provided invaluable help in the design process and refinement of the user interface. In particular, Gene Rackow and Sandra Bittner have provided great assistance throughout this project. Philip Steinbachs provided detailed feedback as an early external user.