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Bcfg2 Downloads



Be sure to check the Prerequisites? page.

Source Downloads

All tarballs are signed with GPG key 7F7D197E. You can verify your download by importing the key and running:

$ gpg --recv-keys 0x75bf2c177f7d197e
$ gpg --verify bcfg2-<version>.tar.gz.gpg bcfg2-<version>.tar.gz

Current stable release

Version URL GPG key Release Date md5sum
1.0.1 bcfg2-1.0.1.tar.gz bcfg2-1.0.1.tar.gz.gpg 1/21/10 6fbf36acc5cc58b2504a25c25cad3921

Current development release

Version URL GPG key Release Date md5sum
1.1.0rc1 bcfg2-1.1.0rc1.tar.gz bcfg2-1.1.0rc1.tar.gz.gpg 4/27/10 143d7d4fa70977e1798bbe1cbcbae27c

Older releases

Version URL GPG key Release Date md5sum
1.0.0 bcfg2-1.0.0.tar.gz bcfg2-1.0.0.tar.gz.gpg 11/05/09 2303fc4cb7b5e49034dd1f71f5ad5847
0.9.6 bcfg2-0.9.6.tar.gz bcfg2-0.9.6.tar.gz.gpg 11/13/08 8d15f99bd300c0639f40fbae086d7dcf bcfg2- bcfg2- 02/12/08 8145906ee3a365faa86eec3000263a84 bcfg2- bcfg2- 01/10/08 dee62cdd110cf6a8c6a05cf92bd0e8f9 bcfg2- bcfg2- 01/08/08 032b4baed3e824909a20cb88be343681 bcfg2- bcfg2- 01/08/08 6125bf3803552ae489981c07807ced5d bcfg2- bcfg2- 12/01/07 996c5371913c05dee3a2f09b36a20495

You can also get the latest (possibly broken) code via subversion:

svn co

Binary Packages

  • Binary packages, for a number of architectures and distributions, are described on the PrecompiledPackages page.